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i wanna freakin read this book!!!!

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Claire just so u no when i finished the book i got so mad it was over i cried for an hour. and then i started gettin mad that veronica was making us wait i cried for another thirty minuets! I CANT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK TO COME OUT AND I'LL BE THE FIRST IN LINE TO GET IT!!!!! YA I'M CALLIN U OUT!!!!!!!!!!jkjk!
im almost positive though the book is going to be called convergent!
i would have never read this book if i knew i was going to wait an ENTIRE YEAR!!!!!!
Veronica Roth you sneaky little......

Avani I'm excited too! After that City of Ember-like ending, who knows where she'll take it? My title guesses are Emergent, Convergent, Resurgent, Detergent (just kidding), but probably she won't choose any of those, and pick a completely unique one, so as not to make some people happy while disappointing others. Plus, it's nice for an author to be creative rather than borrowing fan-suggested titles :)

Claire oh and theres ganna be 4 books!!! possibly 5

Leela Claire wrote: "oh and theres ganna be 4 books!!! possibly 5"

Is this true?? I thought it was a trilogy?

Claire Leela wrote: "Claire wrote: "oh and theres ganna be 4 books!!! possibly 5"

Is this true?? I thought it was a trilogy?"

U never no. Caz thers 4 or 5 factions( cant remember) theyd want to do a book on all the factions. J
just aguess.

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Macy There might me 4 or 5 books. Yay!

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Doug Thomas There are probably gonna be 5 books, 5 factions, and am I the only on that has noticed every single book has a faction symbol on it, which is foreshadowing she will do a book with each cover being one of the faction symbols. 5. maybe 6 if something like divergent or factionless symbols.

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Macy What is the factionless symbol.

Aneesa Aburas i really really hope that veronica waits at least a chapter before making tris dive into another war CANNOT WAIT!!!

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Macy Coreys right only books the next book will be labelled the factionless symbol idk what it is but thats it. Roth can't make a book with all factions technically it's be 6 too including the factionless (technically they are a faction). I mean she could but she wont.

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Macy it better stay that way i mean im sorry itll end but i hate waiting

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