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Cause and Effect
Kate Kate Sep 09, 2012 04:26PM
Identify something that has happened in the novel that was directly caused by Brian. Was the outcome positive or negative? What could BRian have done differently to change the outcome?

When Brian made a pen/trap for fish to get in and to store them. This was a positive thing because now that Brian has fish he can go and eat them whenever he's hungry.

Jack (last edited Sep 09, 2012 04:44PM ) Sep 09, 2012 04:41PM   0 votes
Brian created one bow and failed and nearly blinded himself, made a second one and it snapped and nearly went in his eyes as well. Then made a third bow very carefully and figured out that water has a reflection. So he needed to aim differently to catch a fish, the outcome was he got to have food and he ate nearly 20 fish in one day. This was a positive outcome as he now can always get food (Unless the fish run out but there is a lot) If he could have done something different he should have though harder about the bow and the aiming before snapping two bows and spending a lot of time trying to get a fish.

Brian decided to try and make a fire. He turned his back for a second and it turned into a bonfire. It turned out to be a bad decision he made by not setting up the proper environment for what he is trying to do. Seeing as Brian has never actually tried he should of thought about it before making a silly decision in leaving the area cramped.

Kate Interesting Mackenzie. It would probably be difficult for a privileged boy like Brian to light a fire in the wilderness!
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Heath (last edited Sep 09, 2012 04:50PM ) Sep 09, 2012 04:48PM   0 votes
Made a bow and it broke in his face and learns that he has to use something different then what he used.It is negative.

Brian had a choice to crash land the plane, so he decided to crash land the plane into a lake. He could have just kept flying the plane when he was low on petrol but he was smart enough to crash into the lake so he wouldn't have any serious injuries.

Kate What a difficult choice! How terrifying would that be?
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