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Hmm... I do anything really.

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Stepbrother/ stepsister, end of the world, or kidnapped..

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Ok. Do you want to be the boy or girl.. Or we could do two characters?

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Ok. Do you want to make charries first, or do you want me too?

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Josh Peterson

Lauryn McCreery

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Um.. I will.

Josh was on his phone, glancing up every once in a while.

Lauryn was skipping in the park, singing to herself.

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Josh put his phone so it was over Saphire. perfect He thought to himself. He walked up to her.

Lauryn sat on a bench and closed her eyes.

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He smiled casually at her. He texted his friend.

Lauryn sighed and looked at the clouds, not noticing him.

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He looked at her. " Where you headin?"

Lauryn looked at him. " Oh.. Hi!"

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" Fun. Wanna go get something to drink?"

" Lauryn." She stuck her hand out.

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" You sure?" Josh asked.

Lauryn took her hand away and yawned.

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" Can I walk with you?"

Lauryn nodded.

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He walked next to her.

Lauryn shook her head, and got up.

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" Josh... You?"

" I think I'm postive." But she passed out.

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" Pretty name.."

Lauryn snuggled against him.

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He kept walking.

She snuggled against the seat.

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" So.. How old are you?"

Lauryn stayed asleep, mumbling in her sleep.

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" 19.."

She was mumbling about her ex boyfriend.

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They passed an ally, that went to his apartment. " Wanna get some pizza?"

She mumbled, " Stop it, I'm tired.. Don't touch me!"

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" Lets order it from my apartment."

She started shaking. " Don't.. Don't do that!!"

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He unlocked the door.

She kept shaking.

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He held the door open for her.

She sighed softly when he picked her up.

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He closed it.

She stayed asleep.

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He locked it.

She woke up a few minutes later.

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He followed her.

She screamed.

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He smiled.

" Its dark." She started rocking back and forth.

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" Wanna order?"

" Its dark.." She said, not really hearing him.

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" Bacon and cheese?" He asked.

She kept rocking, mouthing those words.

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He called, and ordered it. " They'll be here in 5."

She kept doing that.

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He sat down.

She shook her head.

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He smiled at her.

" Its dark.." She said quietly.

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The pizza came.

She nodded.

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He got it and paid him.

She got up slowly.

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He closed and locked the door.

She followed.

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He sat back down.

She soon sat next to him.

( French kiss then skip. )

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He put the pizza down, and got plates.

She didn't do anything.

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He gave her a plate.

She shrugged.

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He opened the pizza box.

She shrugged.

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" To leave.." She muttered, her hand going to her pocket:

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He took one.

" Why?" She asked softly.

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He took a bite, keepin an eye on her.

She moved away a little from him.

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He kept eating.

She kept moving.

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He finished his, and took a couple.

She kept wiggling.

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He finished.

She looked at her pocket as she stopped.

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He threw the box out.

" Get out of your arms."

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He sat back down.

She put her knees up to her knees and looked at a photo.

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" So..."

It was a picture of her, her boyfriend, her pepere, and her dad.

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" Wanna do anything?"

" My boyfriend, Pepere, and Dad."

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