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((*goes phsycho* FERRIS WHEEL!!!!!!))

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Carter led Lola onto the boardwalk, admiring her

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She looks at him

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"c'mon" he said as he took her hand and brought her to the ferris wheel. He led her into the cart and sat her down

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"no....get me off"she says her eyes wide

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Carter saw her face and felt bad, but the ride had already started, so he held her close "sorry hon, I had no clue you were afraid of heights" he said softly as their cart went higher up

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"I'm not scared of hights.....I just don't want to fall"

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Carter chuckled "well I promise you won't, I've got you" he said as he held her

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"and these things are death trap"age says

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Carter smiled down at her "a ferris wheel?!"

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"yea...."she says holding onto him

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"well don't be scared, you're safe pinky" Carter smiled

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"you don't know that"

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Carter looked down at her "yes I do, cause I've got you" he said seriously

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She holds onto to him "I guess..."

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He rubs her arm as they get to the top "you hve to admit it's a nice view though"

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She buries her head in his arm "I'm not looking"

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Carter smiled at her closeness to him, still rubbing her arm "it's okay, it's okay"

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She dosent look"tell me when it's over"

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The cart started to go down. "almost there" carter whispered

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She looks up at him with wide eyes

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Carter stroke her cheek softly. They were almost to the ground

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When the ride finishes she runs off

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Carter chuckled and followed her

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She takes a deep breath "it's over"

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Carter put his hand around her waist "yep, and your not hurt!" he smiled

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She puts her arms around his neck "I can't belive you made me do that"

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Carter lightly strokes her hair "sorry babe, I had no idea"

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"it's ok"she says

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Carter kissed her forehead

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She kisses him

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Carter kissed her back, his hands on her waist

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She pulls him close

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Carter ran his hands up and down his sides as he kissed her

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She kisses him back fldeeper

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Carter kissed her back, matching the deepens of her kiss

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She runs a hand threw his hair

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Carter smirked and kissed her, his hand in her lower back

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She leans up and kisses him deeply

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He pulled away and smirked at her

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She looks at him

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Carter takes her hand "so what do you want to do?" he smirked

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"well I know what I want to do "she smirks

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"are you going to let me in on the secret?" carter asked, smirking down at her

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"I don't know"she smirks

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Carter stopped and put his face inches from hers "come on Lola, show a guy some mercy" he smirked

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She leans closer and kisses him lightly

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