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P.T. Macias (ptmacias) | 72 comments Mod
Hi friends,

I was wondering how you handle critique or reviews. I have been contemplating this for a while. I take all review or critique as a constructive feed back. I want to use it as tool and an opportunity to develop and grow as a writer.
Our friend and fellow awesome author Gina Ardito has a wonderful blog that has a great post that has great tips. Check it out. I'm truly a fan. ☺♥http://ginaardito.blogspot.com/2012/0...- http://tiny.cc/2pwdkw

What are your thoughts? Please share.

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Suzy Henderson (suzyhenderson) Critique should always be positive and one should never be rude/harsh. However, it can still hurt a writer if there is a lot of fixing/rewrites suggested. But if we want to improve we have to listen.
I agree with your comment, Patricia -you're absolutely right. I've had some harsh feedback (from a writing tutor) in the past, and I was left feeling low at one point, but I took notice and tried again and again; I made changes and I improved. My writing is far better now then it was 5 years ago, and the greatest thing is that you learn so much from having someone critique your work; equally you learn so much from critiquing another writer's work.
I have some work right now and the writer is already looking for a publisher. It's a no go -there's absolutely no way anyone would give it a 2nd glance. To be honest, I'm lost for words over it and am struggling with how to provide feedback on this occasion. I would love some advice on that one. Any ideas?

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P.T. Macias (ptmacias) | 72 comments Mod
Hi Suzy ☺
I love to see you here in the group, lol. Oh yeah, that I believe is one hard place to be. This writer that your working with, is the issue writing skills or bad as in the story is bad? You know that I believe that you should truly give him your honest feed back in a the most positive way that you can in regards to the writing. We don't want to crush our fellow writers. Now on the aspect of the story, well I truly believe that their are peeps with all sorts of likes and dislikes. You might not like the story, but some peeps will, lol. Hope this is some help.
Patricia ♥

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Dana Mason (danamason) Suzy wrote: "Critique should always be positive and one should never be rude/harsh. However, it can still hurt a writer if there is a lot of fixing/rewrites suggested. But if we want to improve we have to liste..."

Hi Suzy,
I think it helps if you can be as specific as possible with your feedback. Make sure they know exactly where they need improvement and balance it out with the things you really like about the story. Even if it's just a line or two that works really well. Getting bad news is easier to swallow if they have some good to mix it in with. :) It's hard to give negative feedback, I've been in this position too. I also try to suggest books they should read that will help in the area they're lacking as a writer. If it's character development, you should suggest they read a good manual about character development, etc. Or even another fiction book that's written really well that's similar to their story.
Good luck.

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Suzy Henderson (suzyhenderson) Thanks Patricia and Dana. It is difficult. I've hopefully attended to it now. Have made some suggestions for change in a subtle way and have suggested referring to various books to get a feel for how different writers have dealt with certain things. I think this particular writer has a good chance of ending up with a decent manuscript but it requires a lot of tweaking to make the writing better. We are always learning though and we have to take the good with the bad. Thanks again for helping me sort this out.

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