Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, #4) Breaking Dawn question

Will Rob and Kirsten get back together?
Victoria Victoria Sep 09, 2012 02:18PM
Depends on how the next Breaking Dawn goes.

this is a website for does this have anything to do with the BOOK? there's plenty of other websites out there for stupid gossip like this.

Lia and here you are posting something about this topic ... yes i wonder
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Rita I'm a big fan of, The Twilight Saga, & know the differance between, Bella & Edward & Kristen & Rob. I believe that real fans care about, Rob & Kristen ...more
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Good question, Peace. I think it's all propaganda, anyway. I never thought they were really together in the first place. *shrugs*

Breaking Dawn has already been filmed, so that doesn't really affect their relationship... they can get back together or not, it's up to them and doesn't really concern us.

I hope they work something out, i'm just thinking how awkward it's going to be when they see each other of the red carpet, i hate seeing people upset.

Love goes out to them x

just wondering why does almost everyone have 2 talk about thoes 2 and about there daily lives all the time in RL?

it is none of our concern if they get back together or not...i think it is better to concentrate on the movie then on their personal lives

of they will they are perfect for each other!!!<3

Oh Yes they were a couple. I heard Rob say, he didn't know he could fall in love with someone as fast as he did Kristen. This was while filming the first movie.Why would they live together, in the same house,in LA? Some people are just blind.

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