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Do you think Johnny had to kill the Soc in the park? And do you think the whole thing was his fault?
Victoria Victoria Sep 09, 2012 01:38PM
I think Johnny did have to kill Bob. Bob was drowning Ponyboy. Killing Bob was the only thing he could do because there was one of him and 6 of them. I think this was his fault. Let's say he didn't kill Bob... they would've never ran away in the first place!

Taking this another step back: If Ponyboy had not overreacted and ran away from home they would've never encountered those Socs in the first place.
Now imagine Johnny to be the size of Dally or Darry - he would have dragged that Soc away from Ponyboy. Who knows what else could have happened? That's hard to tell.
It's not Johnny's fault that he's a Greaser. It's also not the Soc's fault that they're Socs. That was a society problem they had there. The Greasers are poor and the Socs don't feel anything.
Since I was never in a social group like this I can't really imagine how it is to try and get out of one of those groups.

I think that Johnny didn't HAVE to kill Bob. Doing so wasn't exactly his fault given the circumstances, but he could've stabbed him in a non-fatal area. It would've made the story a lot less interesting though if he didn't, so I like it the way it is.

The thing is Bob wasnt drowning Pony, David was

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Maddie Yes, that is true that bob wasnt drowning pony, but Bob was the one who beat up johnny last time. Bob was the one with the rings if im correct. Last t ...more
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I think Jonny had to kill Bob because otherwise Bob would have drowned Ponyboy and the other sons might have killed Jonny.


I don't blame him because it was defense and he really didn't mean to kill him, it was just impulsive, like he wasn't thinking. Plus, it was either Bob or Ponyboy.

I think it was Bob's fault. If he didn't try to kill Ponyboy then Johnny wouldn't have had to kill him. And I understand why Ponyboy left when things got hard. That's how I feel half the time.

i think johnny had to kill the soc because they would of killed his the same time he didnt because they wasnt hurting him.

I do think that Johnny should have killed Bob. If he didn't, Ponyboy would have died. And Johnny LOVES Ponyboy. Even though it wasn't Bob who was drowning Pony, it was David, since he killed him, the other people got scared and ran off. I do think that it was 100% Bob's fault because he was drunk and he was looking for something, "Fun" to do. He went to a place where he knew that he would find something "Fun" to do.

He obviously didn't need to. Humans can hold their breath for around 3 minutes, and pass out before that. Even being super drunk, Bob would have noticed that and stopped. I agree that it wouldn't have been pleasant, but there are non-lethal solutions like stabbing his arm/leg.

It was S.E Hilton's fault for being stupid and writing a terrible book that has awful writing, a plot that makes close to zero sense, as well as a narrator that is suppost to create a atmosphere but fails to deliver.

I believe the fault lies with Bob and the other Socs. Johnny and Ponyboy were in there "part" of town and weren't causing any problems. They didn't ask for the Socs to jump them. I think Johnny had to kill Bob to save Ponyboy. If Johnny had just stabbed Bob the others may have retaliated and ended up killing both of them. Plus you have to think of how scared Johnny was, he had previously been jumped by Bob and knew the damage he could do and he is drowning his best friend in front of him.

It was totally Bob's fault, not to mention the other Socs. They were drunk and looking for trouble, going to an area where they KNEW they'd find it.

I agree that Johnny had to kill Bob. There was 6 of them and they were trying to drown Ponyboy. I don't think that it was Johnny's fault. If the Soc had left them alone and not tried to drown Ponyboy then the rest wouldn't have happened.

Johnny being abussed by the Soc he killed gave him a motive to be afraied and kill him.

I think that Johnny was absurd in killing bob. He would have to stab him really hard in a sensitive place for him to die, or stab him multiple times. If he stabbed him multiple times that would mean he knew what he was doing, or had the intention of killing him. If he stabbed him hard it would mean he got some crazy adrenaline in fighting him. Bob was a teenager as Randy stated and he only wanted attention from his parents. Let's not forget the Johnny and Pony stole their girls which I would be pretty mad if that happened to me. Also, the evidence will show that there was no telling what Randy and the Socs would do to him, I mean randy did say there's no use in fighting so I think Johnny snapped and it's scary.

Johnny did have to kill Bob because Bob might have killed Ponyboy otherwise.

I do think Johnny had to kill bob cuz him and his friends was drowning ponyboy and of the soc just left them alone and dont try to drown ponyboy bob with still be a live. it was the soc fault.

I love the outsiders I think that Jonny did the right thing because it was just self defense.

Shron Agreed
Jan 06, 2020 01:07PM · flag

If Johnny cade hadn't killed the soc named Bob then they would have killed pony it was a win lose situation kill Bob and save Pony (Win) or let them kill Pony—and possibly him next—(Lose). What would you have chosen? I am serious I would have killed Bob if I was johnny. Only cause he was gonna drown Ponyboy. If there was another way for Johnny to save Pony that didn't require killing Bob I am sure he would have done that but at that moment all he could do was kill Bob. "Yeah." His voice quavered slightly. "I had to. They were drowning you, Pony. They might have killed you. And they had had a blade...they were gonna beat me up...." That is the explanation of why Johnny did it so don't doubt that he did it just cause he wanted to but because he had to.

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