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message 1: by rachel, You got a real problem alright and a banjo is the only answer! (new)

rachel | 139 comments Mod

This story is very touching, and may even make you cry. ;-;

message 2: by Egg (new)

Egg Head | 9 comments Did you see that they made a mini move of it now?

message 3: by Facedeer (new)

Facedeer | 2 comments My Little Dashie - I'm the heartless fiend who gave it a two-star rating. :) I found "My Little Dashie" is blatantly manipulative, myself. Spoiled the whole effect.

For a really nice heart-swelling fanfic, I recommend Our Gifts, Winged Siblings, or maybe Tiny Wings. I don't know any good short heart-breaking fanfics offhand, at least none that I've entered into Goodreads yet.

message 4: by Bloodblader (new)

Bloodblader | 906 comments i read it and it was not as good as i heard everyone say it was

in fact i think in the long run when i am done writing my fanfic it will pull heart strings as good as it or better

hopefully better

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