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message 1: by Savannah (new)

Savannah Morrow (SCMorrow) So what is your favourite book/series?

message 2: by Werner (new)

Werner If we're talking about fiction, it's really hard to pick a single favorite, because there are so many good ones to choose from! Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series, C. S. Lewis' Narnia series, and his Space trilogy would all rank pretty near the top of my list, though, and so would the Harry Potter series. (So far, I haven't read Twilight --but it's on my to-read list.)

message 3: by Jim (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) Roger Zelazny's This Immortal or Lord of Light would both be in my top ten or so.

message 4: by Savannah (new)

Savannah Morrow (SCMorrow) Mine would be Harry Potter, the Aborhson trilogy and Dealing with Dragons! :)

message 5: by Pandy (new)

Pandy Is the Aborhson Trilogy the one that starts with Sabriel? I tried to read it but, I couldn't get into it.

Anyway, I love Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials, and the Bartimaeus Trilogy. I also really like To Kill A Mockingbird, And Then There Were None, The Adventures Tom Sawyer, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin. I havn't read Twilight and I don't plan to based on what I've heard about it. I don't really like romance.

message 6: by Fiona (Titch) (new)

Fiona (Titch) Hunt (titch) I love Scarpetta series, Women's Murder Club series, Alex Cross series, Jackie Collins books.

message 7: by Savannah (new)

Savannah Morrow (SCMorrow) nice!

message 8: by Fiona (Titch) (new)

Fiona (Titch) Hunt (titch) My favourite genre is Crime & Thrillers. I love all the mystery in the books.

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WE LOVE BOOKS!! We love them more than any1 else!!

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