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Rita (rmrodriguez) | 12 comments This story contains implied nudity


The last day of my mundane life ended on a Monday. Most people hate them, but I don't. I always felt that Monday was a chance to begin the week off fresh. How was I to know that life as I knew it would end on a Monday?

That particular Monday I opened my used bookstore, The Bookshelf, and proceeded with my day like I did just about every day before it. Plug in the laptop and get music to croon from various speakers throughout the store. A geek friend had set up the system. I never bothered to ask how it works just how to operate it. I can get geeky over other stuff, but electronics was not one.

Next was count the register. Of course I trusted my employees, but as store owner one could never be too careful. Finding all the money there as it should be it was time to open the store for business.

Just as I was about to flip the closed sign to open I spotted the stray Husky across the street sitting on the corner. Staring straight at me. Call me crazy, but I was certain it was the same stray dog that I'd been seeing all over town for the last week. For one, stray dogs were not that common in my small town. The animal control was really good at their jobs. Two, how many Huskies with a black stripe down their backs could there be? It was creepy see him sitting across my store like that.

Suddenly a car drove by and the dog was gone. Even creepier. Shrugging my shoulders I unlocked the door. Life had to go on, creepy dogs or no.

Most of my day is spent on the laptop. Even the stuff that goes into managing The Bookshelf was done on my laptop. But when I wasn't working on schedules and paychecks and etc I was surfing the web and running a blog just like ever other young woman my age.

Owning a bookstore was my dream and I was living that dream at the age of twenty-five.

The rest of the day, the smaller parts of it, was ringing up customers, searching for books in my catalog for customers, and adding new books to said catalog. It wasn't a grand business, used books, but I wasn't going to go out of business any day soon.

What made made the days interesting was when gaggles of giggling girls came in looking for copies of the certain popular books. Like they did that particular Monday.

A group of girls, okay teens, came in looking for a certain book in a popular vampire series. Apparently all of their copies had mysteriously been torn apart, or so I was told oh so seriously by one of the trio. The two behind her began to giggle uncontrollably.

I pointed them to Young Adults as by best friend came in, causing the bell above the door to ring. I was suddenly more interested in the pizza she was carrying. My stomach growled reminding me that I hadn't eaten since breakfast that morning.

Not only was Lee Stevens my best friend she was my roommate and the sister I never had. Her name wasn't really “Lee”, but she hated her real name and went by the nickname she chose for herself. Lee was the kinda girl that loved standing out. Being five foot two she did her best to do so. Starting with her bright yellow hair on down. Not blonde, no, that was too normal for her. The sunshine yellow would only last till she tired of it.

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Rita (rmrodriguez) | 12 comments “How do you always know when to show up with food,” I greeted her as I took out a roll of paper towels from underneath the counter. They were kept there for necessity purposes such as for the use of make shift plates or to spill up sudden messes. In my store the one was as likely to happen as the other.

“Because I know you, Ettie Brooks,” Lee replied. “You barely eat breakfast and then you're starving by this time of day,” placing the pizza box on the counter.

Just then the giggling girls squealed with excitement causing both Lee and I to look in their direction.

“They found the book they were looking for.” Lee raised an inquiring eyebrow. “Sparkling vampires,” I told her in a stage whisper. Lee snorted. “Oh, please! You can't deny that you liked the series!” I admonished her.

“Yeah, but I didn't once react like that,” she gestured to the trio in the corner.

“No, maybe not, but you did when we watched that Patrick Dempsey movie just last night,” I pointed out.

“You were right there with me when he walked on screen in that too short kilt!” My roomy argued back.

I snickered, “Yeah.”

The girls bought the only copy of the book they giggled over and continued their giggling as they left.

After eating half of the pizza between us I stashed the box in the fridge in the back of the store to take home later. The next two hours passed uneventful. For me though they were two hours full of dread.

To take my mind off my worry I disassembled and reassembled a clicky pen.

Taking the pen parts away from me and replacing it with one of those cheap ones that don't come apart at all, my best friend told me, “Leave that poor pen alone and doodle with this one.” The traitor assembled the tortured writing utensil while began to doodle on scrap paper as an substitute outlet instead. “The store will be fine! It's not going to burn down,” Jocye stated dryly as she noticed the doodle of a burning building. She snatch that pen from me as well.

My anxiety was over my precious bookstore. Nooooooo! My inner self screamed. I was going to have to leave the closing of The Bookshelf, my Preeeciousss, in the hands of The New Girl! Okay! So she had been working at the store for nearly a month, but this was going to be the first night she closed by herself. I groaned mentally at the thought.

The bell over the door rang signaling a new arrival.

Melanie Williams walked in the door. “Do I have to?” I asked with a groan. She's just a college student! I'm leaving my store to an inexperienced college student!

“Yes! We have to meet Scarlet Johnson at three! And it would be bad if we were late to an interview with our new-maybe-roommate. Now stop being such a sob and let Melanie take over for the night!”

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Rita (rmrodriguez) | 12 comments While I sulked, full pout mode and arms crossed, Melanie and Lee worked around me for the shift change. Lee shut down my laptop so Melanie could set her own up. When Lee counted out the register I didn't budge. I trusted my best friend with my life, and The Bookshelf counted as such.

I came out of pout mode when Lee stood in front of me with my bags and hers on her shoulder. She kicked a foot of the stool I was sitting on, causing it to squeak against the floor, to indicate it was time to leave.

I hopped off my seat. “So don't forget,” I reminded my employee what I'd already told her many times since being hired, “my number as well as Lee's is on speed dial on the store's phone!”

“She will be fine! The Bookshelf will be fine!” My friend, the traitor, grabbed me by the arm and started tugging towards the door.

“And you have our number's in your cell?” I continued as if I wasn't being drug by the arm. I received a nod for my answer. Melanie hid her mouth behind her hands, failing to hide the muffled giggles. I became outraged! This was a serious matter!

Before I could say so I was cut off. “Ettie Brooks! She has our numbers and she will call if she needs to. Won't you, Melanie?” Who nodded earnestly as she swallowed the last of her laughter.

I could barely take my eyes off the bookstore as Lee finished pulling me out the door and towards my car.

Pout mode returned as we reached the Ford Pinto. It was an awful orange color and I loved it as much as Lee hated my car. Who only rode with me out of convenience and because I preferred to drive when we both came to town.

Reaching to unlock the driver's door I spotted a dog across the street. It couldn't be the same canine, I tried to convince myself. Right as I opened my mouth to mention it to Lee the Husky stood up and walk away. And there was the same black stripe down it's back. No, no, it couldn't be possible. I closed my mouth. Maybe it was, but I wasn't going to mention it now. I doubted even my cooky best fiend would believe me.

Completely unaware of my internal argument Lee walked around to the passenger side and asked, “When are you going to replace this antique with something new?” Lee asked the same question at least once a month.

I unlocked my door and gave her the now standard reply, “Exactly. It's an antique and why I keep it. Unless it completely breaks down or gets wrecked. There is no point.” And as per what was now routine we both grinned and said in sync, “Besides! It's reliable!” Laughing I climbed in the car let Lee in and drove us home to meet the potential roommate.

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Rita (rmrodriguez) | 12 comments Thus ends the first chapter of the 2nd draft of Hairy Nights. I figure posting it in page segments would be easiest for the reader.

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Emiri Tachibana (spiritflight) | 52 comments Mod
Woo! I love it!

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Rita (rmrodriguez) | 12 comments Woot!!

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Rita (rmrodriguez) | 12 comments *grinning from ear to ear* Nah! I wish! Is it really that much improved, Lorna?

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Emiri Tachibana (spiritflight) | 52 comments Mod
It's awesome ^^

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