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Becky Norman | 795 comments Mod
September 9, 1851 - 2 a.m.

The moon not quite full. To Conantum via road.

There is a low vapor in the meadows beyond the depot, dense and white, though scarcely higher than a man's head, concealing the stems of the trees. I see that the oaks, which are so dark and distinctly outlined, are illumined by the moon on the opposite side. This as I go up the back road. A few thin, ineffectual clous in the sky. I come out thus into the moonlit night, where men are not, as if into a scenery anciently deserted by men. The life of men is like a dream. It is three thousand years since night has had possession. Go forth and hear the crickets chirp at midnight. Hear if their dynasty is not an ancient one and well founded. I feel the antiquity of the night. She surely repossesses herself of her realms, as if her dynasty were uninterrupted, or she had underlain the day. No sounds but the steady creaking of crickets and the occasional crowing of cocks.

I go by the farmer's houses and barns, standing there in the dim light under the trees, as if they lay at an immense distance or under a veil. The farmer and his oxen now all asleep. Not even a watch-dog awake. The human slumbers. There is less of man in the world.
Thoughts? Reactions?

message 2: by Viki (new)

Viki | 1 comments Sometimes I think less of Man in the world would be a very good thing. Thoreau would have not even imagined what men have done to the Earth up to our current time or how much we have heedlessly damaged the planet and the animals that live on it . Reading this excerpt makes me long for simpler times when men were more in touch with the Earth and had not polluted most of it .

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