Whitney, My Love (Westmoreland, #2) Whitney, My Love question

Don't we all want this book to be made into a movie And Richard Armitage (of north &south fame)to play Clayton Westmoreland??
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Richard Armitage as Clayton!!

Richard would make a perfect Clayton. I can just see him in the Paris ballroom.

yes I so agree!

I think a movie would be a bad idea. Her books are too long. Maybe a short mini series? And yes, LOVE Richard. Although I think I would rather see a movie of Kingdom of Dreams.

The only problem with Movies is they don't do the book Justice. If Timothy Dalton were younger he would be ideal leading man.


I don't get it. Maybe I had too high of hopes for this book. First the guy is patient in waiting for Whitney to grow up while she acts like a brat, then he is relentless in his pursuit, and finally he acts like a jerk after he gets her. I thought this book was tedious and disappointing. Not my idea of either hero of heroine.

I would love to see ANY Judith McNaught books made into movies. The crap they make on LMN makes me want to puke.

First off I love Judith mcnaught..her novels are true artistry..I really wish someone would try making any of her novels into movies but Whitney my love and paradise would be blockbusters for sure...:)

OOOh i'l triple that yes yes yes!!

*MariaA* ;)
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I know! Lifetime has so many movies that were originally books.

I wish to see that one of her wonderful novels in to a movie

tinette sarra i so agree with you... any of her books would be a great movie. it would be so worth it.
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oh yes it would be soo good 2 see them on screen... really waitin forward 2 it

OMGG RICHARD!!!!!! Ever since North and South i have been obsessed with him .

-sigh- I cannot imagine a more romantic movie.

I'm of two minds- this was one hell of a love-hate book for me. Either way, it can't be ignored. And I'm afraid that if the movie turns out to be bad.. .aaah.. the horror! :O

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