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message 1: by L (new)

L With many authors turning to self-publishing one wonders what the many advantages might be, but also what to think about if you do decide to go solo. Costs, marketing and advertising, spreading the word about your book(s) and many other factors must be concidered.

*Remember: The author is responsible and in control of entire process including design (cover/interior), formats, price, distribution, marketing & PR. The authors can do it all themselves or outsource all or part of the process to companies that offer these services.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Have you gone down the self-publishing route (such as vanity publishing as a joint venture with a company, or by yourself)?

message 2: by Eva (new)

Eva King | 41 comments Hey, I have been doing research on both, the reason why a lot of the authors self publish is becuase sites like createspace an lulu do it for free as it it Print on Demand, and the authors get more royaties that way. In this sites you are able to design your own cover for free. You do have to make your own advertising, but a ot of the small publishers want to be nline enough for you to promote as well so is not like you can sit back and relax while they make you money.
In my opinion, the only bad thing about self pub is the stigma that goes with it, Ive heard people not wanting to read a book like that because they automatically think its going to be terrible and in great need of an editor, or that some libraries wont have your books and that people won't call a "propper" author because you did it yourself.

The bad thing about the traditional way is the negative feedbacks, which would give a huge dent on my confidence; and that your hard work could be permanetly in the slush pile.
Some of the publishers I've seen what you to have your novel seen by smebody else, which means paying for a freelance editor (big bucks), or having an agent which I've heard it's pretty hard.

Anyway, enough babbling and please, someone with experience, write something

message 3: by L (last edited Nov 18, 2012 01:42PM) (new)

L I have always thought about the traditonal route of publishing as more apealing to myself (when i eventually got to that stage), and looked for a good agent who specilizes in the kind of genre that i wrote. I have been informed by so many authors of how tough it is and the critizism, but i think it is something that i would just have to experience first-hand to see how it goes out there in the big, wide world when making that transition from book in bedroom to printed book on shelves.

well, we shall see but for now i do admire both traditionally and self-published authors equally for they are all so strong, determined and inspirational. x

Michael Cargill Cargill (michaelcargill) Pros is that you can do what you want.

Cons is that hardly anyone will read your stuff!

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