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Elliegrace ok, if you dont already know this is supposed to be jem. know correct me if im wrong but isnt jems hair supposed to be SILVER...this is graphite...not silver. sorry for my rant i just want to know if their are any more OCD weirdos like me out threre that are botherd by this

Claudia the Night Owl Haha yea I am too

Suzanna Hoang It doesn't really bother me. It's kinda hard for me to picture Jem with silver hair while reading anyway. I think Cassandra Clare touched on that subject, saying that it's the shadows that makes it look darker than it actually is. I think CC kept telling them to make it more silver, but I'm not sure.

Hannah Yer she doesn't get to pick the actors on the cover of her books some designer did it and I think they were more focused on getting the half Asian thing doesn't really bother me

Gabby Yeah. I thought Jem was the guy on the other cover. He looks more buff on this one. Not that i mind. All guys are hot buff....

Jordan yeah, i just pretend it's will. i mean, the hair and eyes are wills, so what ever

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