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I will be taking suggestions for the October MW here. Each member can suggest up to three different movies. They have to be PG-13 or lower unless you get my approval for an R rated movie. I want to keep to the theme of Fantasy/Paranormal for the month of October. Instead of how I did it last time with members adding a description and link, I'm going to find those myself, since I felt that was very messy last time.

Suggestions: Brave Story, The Cat Returns

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I suggest:

Brave Story- Wataru Mitani is a quiet and unassuming fifth grader in Japan. A new student called Mitsuru Ashikawa begins attending Wataru's school, though he is in a different class. There are also rumors circulating about the Daimatsu building, an empty, unfinished building near Wataru's school: witnesses claimed to have seen a ghost wandering behind the building's blue tarps. One day after school, while out with his uncle, Wataru witnesses an old man entering the abandoned building. Wataru follows him into the building and stumbles into the strange world of Vision. In Vision, he is told that the portal he crossed, called the Porta Nectere, opens only once every ten years for ninety days. People from his world are strictly forbidden to enter Vision unless they obtain the status of Traveler from "the gatekeeper". Unfortunately, he is also told he will forget everything of his visit. Upon re-entering the Porta Nectere, he is awoken by his uncle to find that Vision was a dream; Wataru supposedly fell from the stairs of the Daimatsu building. Wataru's uncle brings Wataru home only to discover a terrible truth: the boy's parents are divorcing and his father is running off with his mistress, leaving his wife and Wataru behind. Both Wataru and his mother are shocked, and to add to Wataru's stress, he finds his memories of Vision slipping away. Later, Wataru's father's lover confronts Wataru's mother over who Wataru's father really loves. After this encounter, Wataru's mother attempts suicide by leaving on the gas in the house. Mitsuru visits him, warns him of the gas, and tells him to go to Vision if he wants to change his fate. Wataru struggles to remember, but he finally goes to the Daimatsu building to cross the portal to Vision. Thus, Wataru's journey in Vision begins.

When he arrives in Vision, Wataru meets an old man who calls himself the Wayfinder. He tells Wataru what he must do to change his destiny: Wataru has to collect five gemstones to go to the Tower of Destiny, where the Goddess grants each Traveler one wish. Each stone has a different quality: charity, bravery, faith, grace, and the power of darkness and light. Wataru encounters friends and foes during his adventures, and he ultimately comes to terms with the nature of himself.

Subbed movie split into 11 parts can be found here:

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Kristen | 1392 comments I was going to avoid recommending a Miyazaki movie, but you know what? They are really good, easy to find and they fit the criteria. So I'm going to suggest:
The Cat Returns
Not as many people have seen this one, but it is one of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies. Basically, Haru is your average high school student: she sleeps in late, has a crush on one of her classmates, and plays sports with her friends. But when Haru saves a cat from being hit by a truck, her life becomes not so average anymore. It turns out that the cat whose life she saved was none other than the prince of the Kingdom of Cats! Now the king is dead set on returning the favor, no matter what.

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I think it's good that you suggested a lesser known Miyazaki movie. I think we've all seen his most well known many times. :)

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Selena (sailorstar165) | 2022 comments Mod
The Cat Returns is amazing. I second that!

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D.M. Dutcher  | 35 comments Both are good choices. There's also a manga for TCR:

Baron: The Cat Returns

There's some differences, and one very tearjerking implication which adds a lot to the story.

I'd vote for The Cat Returns, though I'll watch both eventually.

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Jamie (juvia_winter) | 195 comments Could we suggest TV series or just movies?

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It would be cool to watch a few episodes of a TV show too. Actually, we were thinking of doing the anime adaptations of the MR's every month, so long as there are some. It just needs to stick to the same criteria as the movies.

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