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What did you think of the book??
Erin Erin Sep 09, 2012 11:19AM
What did everyone think of the book? Did you like the story told in the 2nd person? This was the first book I read that way and I didn't like it at first but then did. I really liked the book overall, already read the second book and looking forward to the 3rd and 4th books.

The 2nd POV was odd to start with. I nearly expected it to end after he grabs her. But after a while it gave me the impression that it was like she was confessing the story - like she was recounting each moment. I loved the Dark Duet series, but they spent so much time making you change your mind on the guy - this turned quickly though. I liked it though - read quickly then read the Novella just afterwards and was pretty pissed that they tease you with an interim story then leave you completely hanging.

so - i'm of the minority here i guess - i don't really care for the 2nd person - i find it really awkward and hard to follow. i feel like there was a lot there for the story to be really good - but the writing style wasn't my cup of tea.

Aside from that, there was some scening that i found to be a bit less refined than in a lot of other books in the genre as well...all things that i feel will improve as the series goes on, but still, not the most stellar introduction to a series.

I really like the book I didn't like how it started with the kidnapping but over all I did love thenI hate when books end with cliff hangers so i'm patiently waiting for the next book taken by storm and given! Any idea when there coming out?

If I had more insight as to his life before and details on what exactly he went through to be so obsessed with her then I'd be more understanding of his connection with her in the beginning because I seriously was second guessing his intentions for the longest time. I wanted to believe him, but something told me he was really crazy and not just rich and controlling. It wasn't until his crew came and sister got involved that I started to believe him. I did really like the book and I am looking forward to the next.

I really liked this book, the premise, the main characters, but I really hated the 2nd POV narration. This is a first for me when reading a novel, and I just couldn't get used to it. It did not detract from my overall enjoyment and appreciation of the story, but I would have given it a higher rating if it had been 1st person narrative instead. I kept finding myself translating to 1st person, which would trip up the flow, and that is just annoying.

I liked the book but not so much it being told in second person. But my overall opinion is that the book had a good storyline and kept me wanting to know what happens next.

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