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Kristen suggested that Monthly Watches would be a good idea since that Movie Night was so successful. Other manga/anime groups also do this, and I know those are pretty successful. However, it's going to be a little different this time. Not only are we going to have an anime movie (that the members vote on) for every month, but if any of the current MRs for that month have an anime/live-action adaptation we were thinking of watching it in conjunction with the corresponding manga. Perhaps around 3-5 episodes for each MR.

A few things to note: If there is a movie (not series) that you want to watch that pertains to a series we are not reading or haven't read, it's okay to suggest it. However, I will not take any suggestions for movies that have a lot of sexual content. PG-13 or below only, unless I approve an R rated movie.

Just to update: Monthly watches are no longer monthly. They are now seasonal, since we've concluded that most everyone doesn't have time in one month to always watch whatever movie is chosen. Giving a whole season gives everyone time to watch the movies, which there will generally be 3, just for variety (you do not have to watch all of them).

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harshini  (watchmeread) | 451 comments This is such a good idea! I loved watching anime and reading the manga simultaneously!

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