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MizziQ So I just went to a get together of a writing club I'm a part of and I showed them my story and while they liked it they also had pointers. Which is great...sort of. :) I hate corrections. Lol. But it's good. So anyways, they said I had a lot of element of surprise which was a good thing but that my writing was too confusing because I left a lot of things to question. So do you guys have any guidelines for yourselves when it comes to leaving your readers with questions that you don't plan to answer. Is that okay? How do you do it without making them feel like the story wasn't finished???

message 2: by MizziQ (new)

MizziQ I'll try to post the story later. I had edited it from a story I wrote about a year and a half ago...so I was pretty proud of myself. Lol. :)

Alli Cat of Night | 30 comments Mod
I don't write much anymore so I can't really say how I would do it, but what it sounds like is that you have a unresolved plot line. And as a reader, and I tell you that's the most ANNOYING THING EVER. I'm thinking of James Patterson here. I loved his Series "Maximum Ride." So many villians so many plot lines that kept me up at night, and so many were just dropped. If you write a story or book or whatever, you have to resolve plot lines. If I'm sitting here wondering about somthing I just never find out, I'm not going to be happy with the story. But that's just my say in the matter. :D

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