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L Here is a list of all current writing challenges for any type of writer, both unpublished and published authors & aspiring writers. It can be magazine/ newspaper, online, blogs and websites and other media.

Feel free to add to this list and state whether there is a fee or if it is free to enter.

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L The first online Blog that i would like to mention, hosts regular short-story writing challenges for all. It is free to enter and details of each challenge is listed on the blog. The top three are then published online on the blog for all to see, and the winner may/ may not recieve a prize.

Website link:

This is a great way for amateur writers to gain invaluable writing practise and writing to specific guidelines, as well as a deadline. I would highly recomend it to all as each few weeks there is a new challenge and a different topic.

Their latest writing challenge is listed here-


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L The Daily Telegraph newspaper - short story writing challenge.

Every month the UK newspaper hosts a writing challenge (closing date the end of the month), for all writers.
At the end of the year all the monthly winners will be invited for lunch with Louise, Gaby Wood, the Telegraph Head of Books, and a top agent and publisher. One finalist will then win £500 and will be published by the Telegraph.

Join up now on our My Telegraph social site to swap work and tips with other writers and get feedback from Louise.

How to enter:
Entries should be emailed to by the last calendar day of each month. The winner will be announced in Telegraph Review as soon as possible after that date. Entries should be no longer than 2,000 words. They can be on any subject but must be your own original work.

Website Link:

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L A new writing challenge at 'Chompasaurus Reviews' (challenge no.4)

'Bad Romance Challenge'

Purpose - To blend horror and romance into one creepy, romantic short story fitting for Halloween or horror aficionados.

Challenge - Write a creepy, spooky, or downright terror-filled romance story. Death, destruction, and passionate smooches are all A-Ok in this horrible challenge! But please, no erotica.

Length - Between 1,000 and 2,000 words.
Start Date - October 10, 2012
Submit entries by - October 25, 2012



■The story can involved deceased, near-deceased, fantasy figures, monsters, or just plain creepy people. Romantic situations can be weird, spooky, downright terrifying, or kind of sweet in a weird, creepy way.
■Pull from your own experiences – this is a great way to make the story more believable and internally consistent.
■Keep your tense consistent – if using the past tense, don’t throw in present progressive. It’s a quick way to lose points!
■Proofread your story – a quick way to lose points is to leave grammatical errors. Don’t lose easy points! Proofread your story!

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