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Great Books Nobodys Heard Of

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Carl Harris Have you ever read a book that knocked your socks off, but when you ask people about it, nobody has ever heard of it. I'm wondering what books other people have read that are little known, but excellent reads. Here are mine:
1) Crossover by Joel Shepherd (part of a series, of which I hope there will be another)
2) The Android's Dream by John Scalzi (read it in one day, almost never happens)
3) Footprints of Thunder by James F. David
4) Expendable by James Alan Gardner (anything by this guy is great)
5) Shades of Gray by Jackie Kessler (NOT, I repeat NOT 50 Shades of Grey)
All are great books that I would recommend to anyone. Now what are some great reads that you have read that noones ever heard of?

David Davies Ive read 1 (try the Trial of Blood and Steel series by same author) 2 and 4 (favourite was the 4th book in the series Hunted).
Havent heard of either 3 or 5, I might give em a try.
Heres a few that dont seem to get much mention (or any)
1- Horns of ruin by Tim Akers (really deserves a sequel)
2- Two space war series (2 books so far) by Dave grossman (its a bit strange, a scifi with almost no hi-tech)
3- Africa Zero by Neil Asher (this one also deserves more books, the collector is a great character)
4- The winds of Altair by Ben Bova (a one off novel, fav Bova book along with his Orion series)
5/6- Aristoi and Angel Station both by Walter jon williams (both books are one off novels and both deserve sequels)
I could list more and maybe will if others keep this thread going...

Chris Siddall Carl there's three books out already for the Cassandra Kresnov series, with a fourth due this year (2013). I can promise you there's more action, returns from the dead, complex politicking,ass-kicking and not least some GI vs Bun-bun action.

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