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How Old is Grubbs Grady?

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message 1: by Samantha (new)

Samantha Hoffman Does it ever really say how old Grubbs is? Some have said he's about thirteen in the beginning of the series, and others have said that he's about fifteen. I'm not sure if he doesn't say, or if I just missed it.

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Wants to Read More) I thought he was fifteen. That's what I remember.

Beatrice I have always wondered about that as well... But I think he's fifteen.

message 4: by Matthew (new) - added it

Matthew im betting on 13

Bobo i always taught 13 or 15 if that makes sense

Jennifer Popescu I know right. It never said and I got soooo frustrated. I just guessed he was 15 and was done with it.

Julia 13 at the beginning but 15 at the end due to the time in between books.

message 8: by Connor (new) - added it

Connor He couldn't start 13 and end 15, all together the books take about 4 years. So if he started 13 he would end 17 if he started 14 he would end 18 and if he started 15 he would end 19

Lauren Stoolfire At one point Grubbs says he figures he has a hand full of years left before his hair starts going gray because his dad's started turning when he was 15-16. So I would estimate that he is give or take 13 years old when the story starts.

Courtney Darren Shan has a talent for making you question his protagonists' ages. I did much the same when I read the Darren Shan Saga. However, he always mentions the ages in passing. Grady is 13 in the first novel and I think he is close to 15 or 16 by the last one.

Elika 15

Lukas Doesn't Grubbs end the series as an 18-year-old?
If he ends in 18 and he fights all these things over the course of 4 years he would be 14 as he started, think about how he pranked his sister and how he handled the whole situation before dervish, his actions are that of a 14-year-old, as is his mindset. Therefore wouldn't Grubbs be 14 in this book?

message 13: by Yussef (last edited Jun 12, 2018 02:35AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Yussef he is much larger and much stronger than others of his age, though he does not look like he is as old as some think he is definitely in his teens. His relationship with Bill-e is of a 11 year old, however i believe that he may be much more mature than Bill-e which is why he may be older than 11 or 12. I agree with Lukas who says that he was 14 at the start and he gets older throughout the series. I think that since he learned of the demonata it has been longer than 4 year but because he has spent a lot of time in the demon universe he has not become as older as he would be if he stayed in the normal universe. In conclusion, i believe that Grubbs in the beginning of the series is about 13-14

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