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message 1: by Shannan, Group Creator (last edited Sep 09, 2012 01:43PM) (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
This is a place where everyone can get to know who is in the group. Just say a bit about yourself.
I'm Shannan, I'm a student from Lincolnshire, England. I love reading and writing and I love to chat. I don't bite so you can ask me for recommendations. You could even give me some. I'd like to see if we have anything in common.


Kim-Lost-In-A-Book Thanks for the invite, Shannan.

I'm Kim an American wife and mother living in London.
I love to read, write poetry, be creative in any way I can and I love being outside. We have 4 children, one of whom is still back in the states attending college. The other three are here at home and we just started online school/homeschooling this year so that takes up a good chunk of my time although they are old enough to work independently for the most part. (Our children are 21 next month, 15, 11 and 10 in a couple of weeks).

I've looked around at the challenges, and I probably won't do all of them, and the ones I do participate in I may not do exactly as the guidelines say to do them, but I'll do what I can :-) (I also like to make my own rules lol).

I look forward to playing and getting to know everyone.

Kim-Lost-In-A-Book Since it's Sept. and I haven't read nearly as many books this year as I did last year, I'm going to use some of my reads from this year to complete the challenges :-)

message 4: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
Welcome, Kim.

message 5: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
That's great.

message 6: by Ciara (new)

Ciara  | 11 comments Thank you for inviting me, Shannan! And it's nice to meet you, Kim!

My name is Ciara and I'm Irish. I've lived in Ireland all my life, and still do. It's a lovely place.

I love Harry Potter. I've read the series nine times now - it's just amazing. I love reading in general.
I also enjoy playing my acoustic guitar. I love making music, it's a wonderful way to spend time.

I love History. I find it so fascinating.
Oh, and I love to share Irish folk tales with people. Whenever I do, it feels like sharing a little bit of Irish culture with some-one, if you know what I mean.

message 7: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
Welcome, Ciara.

Thanks guys, for joining my group!

message 8: by Ciara (new)

Ciara  | 11 comments Thank you. :)
And no problem!

Kim-Lost-In-A-Book Hi Ciara - I'm so excited to meet you. I have Irish heritage (my paternal Grandmother was from Ireland) and I love to hear Irish folklore and all about Ireland. We plan on visiting the Emerald Isle while we're here in England.

message 10: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
My family was Irish somewhere on my mum's mum's side of the family.

message 11: by Ciara (new)

Ciara  | 11 comments I'm very happy to meet you too, Kim.

I do know a few tales, if you'd like to hear them?

Kim-Lost-In-A-Book I'd love to!

message 13: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
Me too!

message 14: by Ciara (new)

Ciara  | 11 comments Sure :) This tale is about a young boy in Ireland, called "Setanta".

A long time ago in Ireland, there lived a young boy named Cú Chulainn. He was raised by his father in Ulster (Ulster is the province in the north of Ireland,),and was often invited to very important meetings and parties.

One day, while Cú Chulainn was playing hurling
( , the King told him to come to a party with him at the house of King Conor. However, Cú Chulainn told his father he would follow him there, and resumed his game.

Hours passed and Cú Chulainn had forgotten about the feast at King Conor's residence. He suddenly remembered, and ran straight to the King's home, his hurley and sliotar still in hand.

By the time Cú Chulainn arrived, it was dark. He could see lights on in the house, and could hear laughter. He felt ashamed for letting the King down, aswell as his father.
As he was about to go inside, he heard a low growl. There in front of him was the King's fierce hound, guarding the house from intruders or people who wished to steal from King Conor.

Cú Chulainn didn't know what to do, and the dog was approaching him quickly, his sharp teeth bared.
So, he did the first thing that sprung to his mind - he threw up the sliotar (a small, round ball about the size of a tennis ball) and hit it straight into the hound's mouth.

He swallowed it and choked. He fell to the ground, dead.
King Conor came outside after hearing the noise and despaired when he saw his much-loved hound with the sliotar jammed down its throat.
Cú Chulainn hung his head.
He knew that King Conor had loved his hound.

Cú Chulainn offered to replace the hound and guard the King's home for him. Of course, the King accepted, and Cú Chulainn stood true to his offer.
He earned himself the nickname "Setanta".

That's just my version of the story, I'm sure there are many others - but that's the one I was told as a child. :)

Kim-Lost-In-A-Book Very cool! :-)

message 16: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
Oh, wow. Cool.

message 17: by Ciara (new)

Ciara  | 11 comments Thanks :)
In school we'd be taught a lot of these stories, so we learnt them growing up.

message 18: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
Oh, OK.

message 19: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
Sorry, this is totally off-subject but I need to post a link on here so I can copy and paste it later.

message 20: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
Never mind, it never works.

message 21: by Holly (new)

Holly Thanks for the invite, Shannon!

My name is Holly, and I'm a book-a-holic!

message 22: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
No probs, Holly!

Mrs. Bella Cullen 4ever (Vampire-addict) | 1 comments name is mariah:)

message 24: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
Hi, Mariah. Thanks for joining.

message 25: by Jo (new)

Jo (goodreadscomuser_joskehan) | 1 comments Hi Shannon and everyone, thanks for the invite. I'm an Australian, living in Victoria (a south-east state where it's mostly cold) - been here for past 4yrs after moving from beautiful sunny Perth in the west. I write a lot and have had a collection of my short stories published in an anthology of short stories with a group of other authors....the proceeds went to charity.
Hope to get to know you all soon. xx

message 26: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
Welcome, Jo.

Kim-Lost-In-A-Book Welcome Mariah and Jo.

message 28: by EponaReviews (new)

EponaReviews | 1 comments Hi,

Thanks for the invite, Shannon. :)

I'm Charlotte, 16 years old and I read/write/review books. :) I'm a fan of dystopian novels and have plenty of book recommendations to give and love to hear them from others too.

*To Shannon*
Completely off topic but I saw you're reading "Missing me" atm! I just got that trilogy signed by Sophie McKenzie earlier this month! :D Though I haven't actually read those books yet. Can't wait to see what you think of them. :)

message 29: by Shannan, Group Creator (new)

Shannan | 49 comments Mod
Welcome, Charlotte!
Actually, I have only got Sister Missing and Missing Me (both signed!) and read them both. I'll be getting Girl Missing for Christmas.
It's a bit strange, really, the order I'm reading the series in is: 2, 3, 1.
But anyway, I know roughly what happens in Girl Missing so can build an image.

message 30: by Ginevra (new)

Ginevra (ginevrad) | 2 comments Hi,
I'm Ginevra and i'm 16... i'm from italy but i read also books in english xD I love reading and my favourite types of books are fantasy, paranormal romance, romance, horror, dystopian *_____* and also classic. My favourite books are the 3 musketeers, Harry potter saga, The iron fey series and Shadowhunters :D
I practice rhythmic gymnastics since i was 4... and i love it!!!

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Shannan | 49 comments Mod

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