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Would you have stayed friends with Zoe?

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I'm curious how many of the women who read this book would have allowed Zoe to stay in there lives the way Kate did.

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No way! That drove me crazy. Why would you stay friends with someone who continually betrays and hurts you? I would have cut her out.

TamElaine I copied this from my own review, my thoughts on Zoe....
...she was conniving and highly competitive, the type of person most people do not want to be friends with, yet someone we love to be motivated by...I adored Cleave's description that "off the bike she was like a smoker without cigarettes, never sure what to do with her hands. As soon as she got off the bike, her heart was expected to perform all of these baffling secondary functions like loving someone and feeling something and belonging somewhere when all she'd ever trained it to do was pump blood." I had a real love-hate relationship with Zoe’s character....but regardless of the moment, whether I loved or hated her, I connected with her....Zoe acted on emotion, and thought later....she reminded me of the old cliché a “Bull in a china shop” – which always forced her to learn lessons the hard way....still she continued to act in this manner – hardcore to start, softening with the lesson, hardening herself again in order to continue on. She certainly made some bad decisions, especially where men were concerned...My heart literally sank with Zoe’s morning with the doctor who instead of leaving his own number left a psychologist’s number....I completed connected with her in that moment, but felt like she acted slightly out of character. I expected her to show anger while crying inside...instead she showed desperation and little emotion otherwise...she was feeling it inside though – deeply ! Her inability to have a normal relationship in a world who saw her face on magazines, billboards and t.v. screens.

To answer your question....I probably would have stayed friends with her a lot longer than most would have....I recognize why many people would not want that level of toxic in their lives... I would not, however, have been as complacent as Kate...If I were in Kate's position, I most likely would have used that 'relationship' to fuel my fire on the track, much like Zoe fuelled hers ! but having my own story, I also recognize everyone else has a story and probably would have put up with more than most....but not quite what Kate did !

Nancy I really doubt if I would have tolerated Zoe the way Kate did. It seemed almost incredible that they remained friends. I did not think it humanly possible.

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