Rapture (Fallen, #4) Rapture question

Confused?!? *spoilers* Ranks, The Fall
Chelsea Chelsea (last edited Sep 08, 2012 11:22PM ) Sep 08, 2012 11:16PM
I am pretty sure I read the facts right (I have the book with me right now) but after finishing Rapture I was kind of confused. Please tell me if I misunderstand anything.
(Yes this will be a messy question but please bear with me.)

So by the end of the books we know that:
These facts are the ones concerning my question.
(Information taken from seperate passages from the book)

~ Luce was an angel, the third archangel. Archangel being the highest as they sit beside the Throne.
(She was the higest angel because Gabbe died (*cries*)and lucifer is a demon although he is still technically a angel...?)

See how I am confused?

~ Daniel was the sixth archangel with Arriane, Annabell, Cam and Roland also as archangels (mentioned in the book through luce's memory of the ledges) as 4th, 5th and after Daniel 7th, 8th. (through assumption.) In no particular order.

~ All the angels lower than Daniel chose either the Throne or Lucifer before he make his decision to choose Luce.

~ Stated in previous books - the angels that chose Lucifer or didn't get to choose fell from heaven. Angels who did choose the Throne stayed e.g. The Scale.

~ Then there is the fact where Steven/Francesca state that 150,827,746 angels fell.

Keeping in mind all these facts-how do they fit together. The all contradict each other!

My question is if only daniel and the angels above him + lucifer's 'demons' fell how come there is 150,827,746 fallen angels!?!?
Then there is the fact that Francesca assumed not a Archangel (chose the throne before the problems) still fell.

Please help me clear my confusion!

Nuran (last edited Sep 14, 2012 04:08PM ) Sep 09, 2012 03:58PM   1 vote
The last book is really confusing because it felt like Lauren Kate rushed it and her heart was no longer in it. She had to be coaxed by her friends to finish it.

As for all the angels below Daniel falling with him. Many of them became too engross in Daniel's choice, some of them questioned their own choice, some angels like the outcast were ready to change their answer to the side that was winning, that they didn't see the cloudsoil being snatched away from underneath them.

Angels that had chosen and haven't chosen fell together. The question was how did the angels who became Scale manage to avoid it.

I think Roland had chosen a side, but he got dragged down with Daniel, but don't quote me on that.

Anastasia I agree and for me after Fallen in love, I didn;t care about the series either anymore.
Dec 17, 2012 09:21AM

Yeah I really am confused too. I have Rapture and after the last two books I just really dont feel like reading it. I mean the first book was awesome but I dont see why lauren kate had to make it soo freaking complicated. It would have been a really good series if she would have made things simpler. The angels, fallen angels, demons, outcasts i dont even remember anything that made sense.

yet to read but i want to any times for what to look for?

Does anyone else want to know Cam's story? If you've read 'Fallen in Love' you get a little insight, but I would have liked more insight into Cam's life

Alicia Then there better be another book :(
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i believe all the other ones fell because they did not make a choice.

I'm pretty confused too!
First off, and it has been bugging me since the first book, I really don't understand why did cam flirt with luce at sword and cross, even if he knew that she would choose daniel because of the curse! He never did that in past lives, at least we never glimpsed it in Passion! But even if he thought we could win her over he knew Lucifer, aka her master, loved her!!
And then in the last book everyone sides to stop lucifer, even the ones who sided with him in the first place!! If they don't want him to rule, why the hell would they side with him??
And the all choosing between God and Lucifer felt a little stretched, she kept telling us the choise was not that simple, but she never gave a real reason why HALF of the fallen angel decided Lucifer was the way to go!!
I don't know, the all storyline just seemed a little childish to me!

Glad I wasn't the only one who felt confused by it all. I really didn't like this book at all, it made me constantly ask questions such as the ones above and I constantly felt lost, with each new chapter bringing more confusion. Too many different types of angels, fallen, non fallen, scale, outcasts etc...

Lucifer was an angel before he decided to go against God that is why they were choosing sides.
As for the ranks, I'm not sure lol

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