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The Ending

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message 1: by R.W. (new)

R.W. Jones | 9 comments Mod
The ending of my book has caused the most conversation in reviews. What were your views on the ending, and if you have any questions for me regarding it feel free to shoot them my way.

message 2: by Annette (new)

Annette | 1 comments I loved the ending. I think it was a perfect place to stop. It was a natural wrap-ip to the "Reinventing" part of Mike's life. Now, if there were to be a sequel (and I'm not saying there should be) it would be more about "Mike's New Life" -- a totally different concept.

message 3: by Dixie (new)

Dixie | 2 comments My comment on the ending: When I began the last chapter, I assumed Mike was at the cemetery/grave site/where the ashes were scattered -- but then his niece was there, too, so I guess he was at his typewriter/word processor/computer -- back where he was living before he left on his journey.

Where did YOU, the author, consider him to be?

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R.W. Jones | 9 comments Mod
Spoiler alert!! If you guys haven't finished yet don't read below this line........



Mike was at the grave site. Mike goes to the grave site to drop off a copy of his book at his wife's spot. After Mike is done "speaking" with her from the letter he wrote, Cassidy tells him it's time to go, chastising him that he's about to be late for his own wedding.

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R.W. Jones | 9 comments Mod
Annette -

I couldn't have put it better myself...mainly because I never thought of that. But when people ask me what I was thinking with the ending that's what I'll tell them now. LOL.

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