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((so do you want him to ask her or she ask him))

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((He'll ask her, where is she?))

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((ice cream parlor ))

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((sending asshole carter x)))

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Crown walks in, opening the door for Al and Carter.

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Albany walked carter up to his dorm.

Carter opened his door and smiled at al "thanks" he said nicely.

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Crown glares at Carter and waits for Al.

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Carter went into his room and closed the door whined him.

Albany turned to crown "now was that so bad???"

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she knocks on the door

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((al and crown to the great hall or something?))
"who is it" carter yelled from the inside of his room

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"somebody you probably don't want to talk to"

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Carter hears her voice and sighs "did you bring your boyfriend to beat me up again?" he asked rudely

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"no....cater I'm so sorry"

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Carter opened up the door and looked at her "why did you come." he asked flatly

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"to say tell you I really do like you"

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Carter sighed "well that sucks, cause you can't date us both" he frowned

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"i know..i was wrong...and im just so confused now"she says

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"I wish I could help you figure it out, but I can't."

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she nods "i know i shouldnt have kissed you...but i wanted to you where fun i liked being with you..but with me and oliver it was so awkward"

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"that's great. Look Lola, I can't stand here and listen to you decide. I just have to wait and hear the decision" he said, hoping he chose him

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"yea i know..."she says "i just wanted to also sorry for him beating you up"

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Carter shrugged "it's happened before"

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"yea but now it was my fault"she says "i should have told you he was strong "

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"whatever....." carter didn't think it was her fault

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"well...ok"she says

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"Even if you choose him, just let me know, okay?"

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"ok.."she says

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"bye, pinky" he said with a weak smile as he closed the door

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she sighs and leaves

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Carter came in and changed into his regular jeans and a tee

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Leena (leena23) Jaden made his way up to his new dorm room, he whistled at the lounge/kitchen that he walked into, then he followed his moms instructions and found his bedroom. He couldn't believe his family had put so much detail into his room. He was thankful though, it made him feel more at home. He kicked off his shoes, laid his bag down beside his bed and threw himself down on his bed to relax a few minutes.

(What his room looks like
and thanks for letting me bunk with you Ella!)

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((no prob, I'll edit the topic tonight :)))

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Leena (leena23) ((cool!))

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Leena (leena23) Jaden got up out of his bed, he sat his iPhone onto its iHome dock to listen to some music. He picked 'The wanted' playlist and started singing along to 'Glad you came' as he walked around the room. He just started jamming out, an imaginary microphone in his hand as he belted out the lyrics to one of his favorite songs.

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Carter walked into the dorm, immediately being hit with the sound of the loud music. He closed the door behind him and looked around curiously, finally spotting the guy singing "uh, who are you?" he asked, never having seen the guy before

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Leena (leena23) Jaden stopped mid sentence, "I'm glad you came whooaaa I'm glad you-." And stared at Carter for a moment in surprise. He hadn't heard the door open or shut, he walked over and took his iPhone off its dock, the room settled into silence a moment. "Uh sorry dude. Didn't mean to have it up so loud. I'm Jaden, your new bunkmate." Jaden slipped the phone into his shorts pocket and held his hand out to Carter for a handshake, he had a friendly smile on his face.

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Carter looked at the guy curiously for a minute, but then shook his hand firmly "dont worry about it. I'm carter. Nice to meet you" he said with a slight smile on his face

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Leena (leena23) Jaden stepped back and returned the smile full force. "So what ya in for?" Jaden asked casually, indicating he was curious about Carter's main objective of being at the school.

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Carter walked into the kitchen and got a bottle of water. He sat down at the island and looked over at jaden "a bunch of different things. Mainly football and fighting, but I also sing, dance, and stuff, what about you?" he asked

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Leena (leena23) ((Sorry had to go eat))

Jaden walked over and took a seat across from Carter. "Singing mostly, I'm also pretty good at English. I haven't decided if I'm majoring in English and minoring in singing or visa versa in college. I enjoy both, more singing. Eh we'll see how things pan out. So you seem to be sportsy type, do you skateboard at all? Do you play football here? I enjoy watching games in person. I can dance a bit, mostly what I've copied off of movies though haha." Jaden replied.

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Carter smirked and nodded "yeah, I'm running back on the football team. We're undefeated so far. As far as college, I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to major in. I know I'm supposed to figure it out, but I just can't choose"

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Leena (leena23) Jaden nodded his head, his eyes had understanding in them. "Yeah they tell us to be kids as long as we want, but then pressure us to make adult decisions as soon as possible. What if we want to change our majors a million times? Are the parents going to continue to support us? They shouldn't pressure us to make decisions so fast, or else we may just make a decision based on their likes and dislikes instead of our own. Which will be a complete waste of money when we figure out what we really wanted to do and switch to that instead. I've already had a long talk with my parents if you can't tell. I told them I didn't have a decision yet, but I'd let them know when I did. For now I'm going to be a teenager and enjoy the moment." Jaden went to the fridge and grabbed a water like Carters, he shut the fridge and sat back down. Twisting off the lid he took a long gulp, the singing had dried his mouth out a little.

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Carter nodded "you get what I mean, but my dad doesn't. He's convinced that I'm looking for a professional football career. For now I'm just letting him think that, it's just easier than him constantly nagging me about it. I think my mom knows that I'm not sure, but she's never said anything about it" he said as he rolled up the long sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows

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Leena (leena23) Jaden thought about what Carter said for a moment. "That makes sense. Parents can be so intense, and annoying sometimes. So you got a girl? Any bǎo bèi in your life?" Jaden caught the weird look from Carter. "It means treasure, baby, or darling in chinese. Sorry my heritage comes out sometimes." Jaden took another swig of the water and let out a satisfied sigh, the water was quenching his thirst in just the right way.

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Carter nodded "yeah, Lola" he smiled absent mindedly as he thought about her

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Leena (leena23) Jaden noticed Carter's eyes turned glassy as if he was in another world. He chuckled and let Carter be off in his own little world to think of his girl.

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Carter snapped out of it "yeah, er...what about you? Any girl?" he asked Jaden. He took a long gulp of water, cursing himself in his head for spacing out

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