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message 1: by Katy (new)

Katy (kathrynfield) | 34 comments I was curious about how to post my poetry. Shall I post a new topic with one and then comment with other poems? Or should I do a new topic for each poem? How would you prefer to see them? I'd hate to swamp a discussion folder with my poetry but I'd also hate to see poems buried in comments (supposing there are enough to bury the poems!).

message 2: by Beth A., Head Hostess (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
Well,I'm kinda playing this by ear,for a while I thought it might not pickup much so I wasn't worried about it. As it stands you do just make a new topic and a separate post for each poem. if it gets too overwhelming ever we can archive stuff in a different folder.
Post burying I wouldn't worry about for now unless you have like a hundred.
In which case my intent is more to showcase your newest poems and/or your favorite ones. I would suggest storing surplus of 30 in the good reads writing section. Hopefully that helps.
As for commentary I pray I haven't been too confusing about it. I might just remove the discussing poems topic as people seem to like responding in the individual folders. I'd rather just go with it than make the poetry strictly small collections of your work,though that was the intention.

message 3: by Katy (new)

Katy (kathrynfield) | 34 comments LOL I didn't wait for an answer! I posted all my old stuff in one topic, but I figured that was best. That stuff is OLD so it's nice to put it all together. New stuff I can follow these guidelines. You're not confusing at all and I think the way you described is easy and do-able. Thanks! :)

message 4: by Beth A., Head Hostess (last edited Sep 08, 2012 09:28PM) (new)

Beth A. | 145 comments Mod
Good,I still thought I'd delete the empty sections which could just cause double commenting. They've never been used and everything is open so if people want to open a topic just about a specific poem or kind of poem and whatnot I imagine they can feel free.

Yeah maybe just add a year date to a new topic if you would prefer to have it separate from the old stuff. That may be how we can organize poems in the future without having to have a whole other archive section. Problem solved I think!
I'm pretty okay about most stuff as long as people are cool to each other. I may get a little organizational but not without announcement. Have a good night...or morning if you don't see this till then.

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