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Cassie walked through the streets angrily

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August sat on the corner of the street, playing his guitar. A passerby dropped a five dollar bill in his guitar case.

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Cassie continued down the streets not even happy with the money she had took

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August started to sing 'hey there delilah'. He did write his own music but he liked to sing other songs as well.

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Cassie stopped to listen to a guitar player, but didn't really hear the music

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Another man dropped money in august's guitar case. He continued to play and sing. A few people had gathered around him to listen.

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Cassie pulled out $10 and dropped it in the case before leaving

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When he finished his song, august looked at the guitar case. He couldnt get over how kind some people were. He slipped his guitar in its case, leaving the money in there with it, and slung the case's strap over his shoulder. He started to walk to his small apartment when he saw a girl nearby. August ha dseen her lostening to him. "Hey, um, i just wanted to say thank you. It really means a lot. I'm august." He said, walking beside her.

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Cassie glanced at him. "Cassie."

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There was a ghost of a smile on his face. He never really smiled but he came close. "So you live here in new york?" He asked, trying to make conversation.

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"Yes." She wasn't up for conversation.

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August nodded and put his hands in his pockets. "Uh, cool. So what do you do, cassie?"

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Cassie stopped and faced him. "You do not want to know."

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August stopped, his expression full of confusion and bewilderment. "Um, i dont?"

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"No you don't." Cassie said without explaining

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August watched her another moment before starting to walk again. "And why dont i?"

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"I don't want you to know."

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August said nothing for a moment. "Well then dont tell me. Tell me something else then."

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"I don't want to tell you anything." Cassie said.

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That ammused August a little. "Then how are we supposed to get to know each other?"

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"Who said I wanted to get to know you?"

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August smiled slightly. "I did. You see, these things go both ways. If i want to get to know you, you have to get to know me...."

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"Why would you want to know me?"

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August gave her an easy smile. "You intrigue me."

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Cassie snorted "Well that's nice"

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August chuckled, going through the motions of life as usual, not really feeling any happiness. "I thought so."

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Cassie smiled slightly but kept walking

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