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Gabs | 18 comments R awesome 1 on 1 :)

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Gabs | 18 comments nooooo but if you give me a quick review im sure I can :)

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Gabs | 18 comments wow that was a quick review :0 ok sure I'll do that if you want :)

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Gabs | 18 comments Name: Nathan (Nate)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Personality: Sarcastic, Brooding, Can be sweet.
Other: is the kidnapper

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Gabs | 18 comments ((would you rather modern or old times?))

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Gabs | 18 comments ((like 1980's back :P ))

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Gabs | 18 comments (oh thank :D so much easier lol)

Nate was watching the girl from his window. Every day she would wait for the bus there.

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Gabs | 18 comments ((is there anything specific you want him to be? more like a creepy person or more actualy kinda nice?....etc)

'This is it', Nate thought, 'I could take my chance right now'.

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Gabs | 18 comments ((ok i gtg now but i should be on tomorrow :/))

Nate stepped out of his door. he knew better but something about the way she looked and acted just made him feel....different....hypnotized....He started walking towards her.

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Gabs | 18 comments Kaitlyn *Not avaliable* wrote: "(ok)

Ariana didn't notice him walk towards her. She was to busy looking down the street to see if the bus was coming. She was growing inpatient and shivering."

"Cold day", Nate stated coming up behind her.

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Gabs | 18 comments Nate smiled at her, "what are you doing out here all alone?"

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Gabs | 18 comments (( i feel so evil for kidnapping someone :P ))

Nate's eyes roamed the girls body, he was barely paying attention to her, "uhuh" was all he said.

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