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Here you can share stories of your own Paranormal experiences and Infer an explanation, or you can look one up on google and Infer that

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The New Maria (emeraldmaria) | 2 comments Mod
Well, do dreams count. Because I had this really weird dream 7 years ago and then I lived it a year ago, something like that but not exactly.

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Yeah, that works

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The New Maria (emeraldmaria) | 2 comments Mod
Well... When I was about 5 I had this dream where I was in a building with many big columns and in the second floor, to the back left corner, there was a small archway. Me and two of my friends went into that archway where there were many portraits. As we were walking the portraits eyes followed us. We began to run but the the painting hopped off the wall and buried one of my friends. The last thing you could see of her was her hand gripping towards the ceiling, but that was soon covered up. So me and my remaining friend ran as fast as we could until we were out. But when we were out the floor and railings of the second floor were crumbling and everything was gray. Then my friend fell off from when she ran into the railings.

Then I woke up. I never wrote this dream down but I remembered it, for it was my first nightmare. Then, about a year ago, I took a field trip to the building museum in D.C. It was the building my dream took place in, though I never walked into the back left corner on the second floor to see if their were paintings.

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Kewl, put that under stories on

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