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what part will legolas have in the movie?

Jackson wants to make three movies by drawing from the Silmarillion, The Lost Tales, and Tolkien's extensive notes. The Hobbit is a children's story written long before LOTR. Jackson wants to make The Hobbit an adult prequel to his LOTR movies. He certainly feels the need to properly foreshadow the events and unique relationships he created in LOTR.

In The Hobbit, Gandalph is a mysterious tour guide who leaves the expedition to take care of some undefined important business. Because of LOTR movies (and unlike early Hobbit readers), Gandalph comes to The Hobbit with a now well known story. Jackson likely sees such undefined parts from The Hobbit as opportunity to expand the children's story.

I think that they were casting characters like Legolas and Frodo in the Hobbit movie because they were going to tie it into the LotR movies.

I read somewhere that Jackson wants to work some parts of the Silmarillion into the movie too.
Sounds kind of fishy to me, to be honest.
They added Legolas because of his father and then there's a female elf they exchanged with another character from the book. I hope the main focus will still be Bilbo and not all of sudden ... I don't know, everyone else? The way the hobbits were portrayed in the LotR movies was really ... lacking, in my opinion.

Mary Do you know which character the female elf is replacing? That's the only part I'm worried about, I think Jackson will do the Hobbits and everything el ...more
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As an avid fan of the LOTR movies, and an avid reader of Tolkein, I can't wait to see how Jackson and comopany portray Mirkwood in the Hobbit.

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Legolas' father plays a pretty significant role in the book. Since Legolas was certainly alive at the time of the Hobbit, he's being included. As Brie said it will help tie The Hobbit to the LotR movies as well.

I would tend to agree with Rene. The very fact that what should have been one movie will now be three isn't particularly inspiring. I'm glad they've got Sir Ian McKellern back as he does make a good Gandalf (although I prefer Christopher Gaurd's voice from Ralph Bakski's earlier movie). However, I wouldn't have picked Martin Freeman to play Bilbo. My main interest is to see how they do the Riddles In The Dark chapter. If this is filmed well and as close to the book as possible, then I'll be happy.

i'm hoping that the movie sticks close the book, otherwise it will just be a major disappointment and injustice to the artistry tolkien displayed.

Yeah, I'm inclined to think it is largely a money-making scheme (of course, most things are). It should have been told in one movie. Two, tops. I just want to see Smaug on the big screen.

I have every bit of confidence in Peter Jackson making this into three movies.

I fear for disappointment. Jackson wants to make three movies about this small book. Either they will be very annoying or he will invent lots of material of his own. I don't object his making the movie, but he should follow the book. If he just wants to make money out of three part about this book, I suggest he re-makes LOTR in three parts per book (nine parts in total).

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