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message 1: by Rain ♥ (new)

Rain ♥ A big body of water, with nothing around it for much privacy. It's a terrific place to go for a swim, or just to relax, but not exactly the right place to be alone.

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Rain ♥ Piper sat at the edge of the lake, looking out into the water. She dug her hands underneath the dirt, keeping quiet as to not disturb anyone this early in the morning.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Ariella walked into the lake area, but once she saw someone there, she started to turn around. It was, like, 5 o' clock in the morning. Why is someone out here?

message 4: by Rain ♥ (new)

Rain ♥ Piper glanced behind her, and saw Ariella. She only knew her name because everyone was always yelling it. She stood quickly, wiping the dirt off her hands and onto her pants. "Hey," she called.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Ariella sighed, and turned around. "Hi..." she began. "Uh, actually, I was just going back to my cabin, so..."

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Rain ♥ "Ariella, right?" Piper interrupted, walking up to her. She wasn't really the type to be so eager. For some reason, her mind only wanted her to make friends with the people who didn't want to be friends with her. "Daughter of...?"

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Ariella hated answering this question. She hated her father. "Hades," she mumbled. Her next sentence came out sharper than she meant it to. "Look, I'm going back to my cabin. See you later."

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Rain ♥ "I didn't mean to make you angry." Piper shrugged, as if she said this very thing every day.

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Ariella turned towards her, stopping them both from walking. Immediately, the rocks and dirt were swept back a few feet, as if someone had blew them. "Then go away," she warned.

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Rain ♥ "That's going to be a hard thing to get me to do," Piper explained. "I'm like a bad mustard stain. Not really going anywhere."

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Ariella lifted her eyebrow. "That's an odd analogy." She muttered. Inside she was impressed. Normally, once she used even the tiniest bit of her magic, people backed off. She began to walk again, shaking her head slightly. Her cabin wasn't very far.

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Rain ♥ Piper followed. "See? Not even the daughter of Hades can scare away an undetermined camper."

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"What's that supposed to mean?" Ariella snapped, serious warning in her voice. She didn't like people running around saying who her father was, considering most of the new campers don't even know yet. Once you figure out who she is, you start to act different around her. She hates that.

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Rain ♥ Piper went silent, and backtracked. "Well, I mean. I-I just--You know, I meant it as a compliment. Or something."

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"Or something," Ariella repeated. "Sure. Look," she was at her cabin now. "We're here. Bye."

message 16: by Rain ♥ (new)

Rain ♥ "Wait," she stopped the door from closing in her face. "Y...You aren't gonna let me in?"

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

Ariella grinned evilly. "You? In Hades' Cabin?" she laughed. "You wouldn't last two minutes!" And with that, she shut the door.

message 18: by Rain ♥ (new)

Rain ♥ Piper frowned.

((Hades' Cabin now? lol))

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

((Yeah, sure. :D))

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