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message 1: by Rain ♥ (new)

Rain ♥ The archery field is where archery is taught and practiced at Camp Half-Blood. This subject is taught by Chiron who sometimes has the help of Apollo's cabin.

message 2: by Annabella (new)

Annabella | 4 comments Roza stood still taking her aim. Her dark hair braided to the back, one eye closed as she fixed the aim.

She had on a pair of dark army pants, and a black leather jacket, and a pair of black converse.

She let go of the arrow and let it slash through the air into the target. She loved practicing early in the morning, gave her time to think for herself without all the kids to look after, and all the stress that came with the day.

This early in the morning, the air was just right with a hint of cold. Just right.

She let out a breath as the aim was just close enough to the center, but not quite. More practice perhaps...

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