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Rain ♥ ~Roleplay~

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Ariella frowned. Looking around, Hades' Cabin was a word, fiery. Everything about it was red, orange, in flames, or flammable. Weapons and armor were hung up neatly on the walls, along with lit lamps. There was no real electricity in her cabin, just lamps lit with fire along the walls, which cast an eery glow around the place. None of thi was even that bad, she just got lonely sometimes. She considered hopping back into bed. After all, it was still morning. But instead she found herself lying on the floor, practicing levitating rocks with her hand.

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Rain ♥ Piper walked around to the side of Hades' Cabin, making sure not to make any loud noises. She peeked in a nearby window, seeing Ariella resting on the floor. "Psst." She whispered.

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Ariella felt a presence nearby, and looked towards one of her windows. When she saw Piper she almost yelped. Her concentration broken, the rocks she'd been levitating went flying in different directions. One just smashed the wall, but the other knocked down a shield that had been hanging proudly on it. Quickly, Ariella rushed outside.

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Rain ♥ Once Piper saw Ariella, she chuckled nervously. "Hehe, funny story.."

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For safety, Ariella grabbed Piper's wrist, and hid them in the nearest shadow. Then she pushed her onto the ground. "Are you crazy?! Go home!" She yelled.

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Rain ♥ Just this once, Piper let the pushing thing slide, and pulled herself up. "You said I wouldn't last two minutes," she reminded Ariella. "I wanted to prove you wrong."

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"Prove me wrong?" Ariella face-palmed herself. "Piper, I said that as a fact. I wasn't trying to say you were weak. Hades is too much for you, especially because you're undetermined. It's too dangerous. Go to your own cabin now, okay?"

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Rain ♥ Piper hesitated. Finally she said, "Fine." Going through all of this wasn't really worth it anyway. She should've stayed at the lake. "I'll go." She started heading to Hermes' Cabin, where everything was hot, and crowded. She's still surprised she snuck out without anyone noticing.

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Ariella scowled, and walked back into her cabin. Carefully, she picked up the shield. After, she lay on her mattress, and listened to the sound of the crackling fire to put her back to sleep.

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