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Rain ♥ You will make your character here.

Godly Parent:
History: (How he/she got here)
Weapon (Mist and Full Blown):

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Rain ♥ Name: Piper Rue

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Undetermined

Family: Her mother, Lilith Grace.

Appearance: description

Personality: Piper is well-driven, and shy. Two traits that don’t mix well. She’ll never be the first to volunteer for anything, not even a quest. But when chosen, she does her best at it, and succeeds often. She’s timid most of the time, and hard to anger. But when she does get angry, you might want to step off a little and let her cool down. She’s mean with accuracy, and pretty good on agility. Don’t mess with Piper, unless you’re positive you can beat her in a fight.

History: Her mother made no attempt to keep who she was a secret. Not exactly out of love, either. Once Lilith was sure that Piper had the ability to keep something private, she was told about her father. She was eleven years old. That summer, after a few random monster attacks at her school(s), she was sent off to Camp Half-Blood. Ever since then, she’s been staying year-round, with little to no contact with her mother.

Weapon : Under the magic of the Mist, Piper’s weapon is simply a ring. But when you press the button on it, it transforms into a knife with a silver blade. There is a trident on the handle.

Other: Since she's been here for about 3years, she's very trusted by the lead campers.

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☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 14 comments Name:Azeira Keilyn Ann Goldburg
Godly Parent:Demeter
Family:Her father Staniel Goldburg
Personality:Azeira is very cold looking at first.She has a vacant,yet serious look in her eyes.She wont talk to you much,she probably wont even acknowledge your presence.She looks as a girl who gets into many fights and doesnt care about others feelings.

If your lucky enough to get past Azeira's cold and serious self,your just that much closer to getting to her true self.She'll now be a bit more talktive,and she'll actually show that she knows your there.Though your not still to her true self.

Once you get past that layer of Azeira,you'll find a sweet,caring,calm,and laid back girl.She'll be just like anyone else,like a normal person.She'll love to laugh and giggle and she'll give the occasional smile.But dont forget that if you do something to upset her,she will not let it pass by unnoticed.

History:Azeira was never loved by her father,He said she reminded him too much of her mother,the woman that left him.She never felt the warm embrace of a hug,until she met Daniel.Daniel soon became her best friend when they were just 8.Since then,Azeira didnt feel so cold.Azeira soon found that odd things were attacking her.She described them as monsters,though they were so much more than childish monsters.Azeira didnt tell anyone,and soon Daniel was getting suspicious.Azeira waved it off and told him to not worry.Azeira began gaining feelings for Daniel but never told him the truth.Daniel and Azeira lived like this until Azeira was 14.She was getting attacked by a monster when Daniel got in the middle of it.Daniel,being fully human,got killed.After that Azeira never forgave herself and the coldness of her personality became a protective barrier so that she would never get feelings for anyone again and so that the thing that happened to Daniel would never happen again.
Weapon:Under the magic of the mist,Azeira's weapon is a metal lipstick but when she tugs on both sides it transforms into a bow staff.

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Name: Ariella Grace
Age: Fifteen.
Gender: Female.
Godly Parent: Hades
Family: Hades; Her mother, Patricia Grace.
Appearance: description
Personality: Ariella is closed off. She comes off as a “too-good-for-you” type of person, because she simply avoids contact with people whenever possible. She’s witty, clever, and quick. Her strength isn’t the best out there, but she makes up for it with aim and agility. She isn’t one to volunteer much, but once picked you can bet your life she’ll be the one to make it back alive. Her one weak spot is her loyalty. Her trust is hard to gain, but once you have it, she’ll pretty much do anything for you. And if you disappoint her, well, just try not to. Ariella doesn’t like being tricked.
History: Ariella went from school to school in New York until she was thirteen. She loves her mother, but being the daughter of one of the Big Three, monsters went after her just too much. Even before she knew what she was, she figured it out. Once she got to camp, training came easily to her.
Weapon: Under the magic of the Mist, her weapon is a pink hair pin. Not really her favourite colour, but no matter, because once activated, it turns into a celestial sword.

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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Name: Alazne Smith |Al-az-in|
Age: Barely Fifteen
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Hermes
Step Father John Smith
Mother Elizabeth Smith
Step Brother: Jacob Smith (Thirteen)
Personality: Despite Alazne's quiet and nice attitude she can be feisty, she can be a goddess herself, maybe even a girl version of Ares. When pushed into a corner she's just like a dog, she lashes out and attacks. Though she has her bad days she also has her great ones. She's giggly, happy, and sometimes even girly person.
History: Alazne was one of the few girls who grew up in the heart of Florida, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Growing up with country folks living next to you, you learned to enjoy the little things. The rainy days equals Mud fights, thunderstorms equals scary stories, she's quite the tomboy, but when she was one day going on a vacation trip with her family away from town things turned ugly.
Weapon: A key; not any average key, a key to open any door. I mean any door.

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Name: Oliver Knight

Age: Sixteen.

Gender: Male.

Godly Parent: Apollo.

Family: Apollo; Karen Knight, his mom

Appearance: description

Personality: Oliver is a sweet, shy, southern kid. He believes chivalry is never dead, and he’s not one to get angry. And when he is angry, he doesn’t stay that way for long. Being the son of the god of music and healing, he can play every instrument out there. Not to mention, he’s a great singer.

History: Oliver might as well have been born here. His parents never wanted him, not even his mom, so he ran away at eight years old. His satyr, Isaac, brought him safely to Camp Half-Blood. Ever since then, he’s been a major help and contribution to camp. He welcomes newbies, helps teach archery, and is very popular, despite his shyness.

Weapon (Mist and Full Blown): In the Mist his weapon is a hat. And it doesn’t turn into anything, it’s just a hat. Of invisibility. Bam.


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█║ ✕ Angel ‟ Indelible  (sirsly) Name: Daniel Lynn Row

Age: Fifteen

Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Undetermined

Family: Everyone he's ever known, is dead.


Personality: Rude, he's the opposite of what almost every person at the camp is. He's the guy who makes smart comments and isn't afraid to give out his true opinions and take a punch or two. He's one to always get into fights and usually is one of the meanest. But, if you dig and dig, with several shovels you'll find his real side. The real him, past all those sheets of lies is a boy that has a great heart and when pushed out will maybe once tell you one of his poems.

History: Well this is the part that everyone wants to know am I wrong? Its gonna take more than a worksheet to figure out this boy.

Weapon(Mist and Full Blown): Its just a ring, .. With unlimited poison/acid.


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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Name: Maka Evans
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Apollo
Family: Mother- Deceased Aunt- Lunatic in L.A. Cousin- Jason(17) lives in Manhattan
Appearance: Photobucket
Personality: Maka is a bit out there. She is a very secluded person unless you can make her open up. She's like Pandora's box expect without the terrible consequences. The first time she's opened, everything but her sorrow is released. That is a wonderful thing to witness. Seeing her become a bubbly happy person who feels like she has a purpose. The second time, she becomes a tragic person. She falls apart and is impossible to be around. She hasn't always been this way though. When she was little, Maka and Jason always goofed off and got into trouble with their shenanigans. She was a very fun and happy person. When the monsters found her the first time when her cousin and she were both 13 and her life began to fall apart. When she discovered her hair ties were actually a different bows and the bobbie pins were arrows, she made the mistake of telling her friends about it. Her cousin made them stop, but the damage was done. Maka was officially the outcast girl who had hallucinations about monsters and magic weapons.
History: Maka's mother died in childbirth and her Aunt took custody. She moved from Manhattan to L.A. Her Aunt raised her with her cousin who was less than a year older than her. They attended the same school in the same year and for a while, they were actually a great pair. They were very kind and rather popular. Well until, that is, the monsters attacked Maka. She managed to fight them off with Jason's help. (He can see through the mist). She tried to tell her friends, but no one believed her. After that, everyone thought she was crazy. Jason stuck with her through her decline. He really was a good friend. When things got too bad, with the monsters, he personally helped her get to camp. He now lives in Manhattan with his aunt on his father's side and Maka can always rely on him for help.
Weapon: Each hair tie is a different style of bow. Some have better accuracy while others have greater distance or power. Each pin is a different type of arrow each suited for a different type of monster.

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 14 comments I.CALL.DIBS.ON.OLIVER!!!! XD

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Jessicaaaaaa!(: wrote: "I.CALL.DIBS.ON.OLIVER!!!! XD"


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Astig0921 Name: Lucy Hawthorne
Age: 15
Gender: girlie
Godly Parent:Apollo
Family: Her mom and her brother Lucas who is her twin.

Personality:she is feisty some times and is a flirt but doesn't even know it, She is a goodie too shoes, She is very sporty and is very musical and talented in everything she does, don't get on her nerves or be mean to her cuz she will make your life miserable if needed. Also don't ever talk bad to her about her friends family or anything like that or she will hurt you. Also she is a smartie pants everyone always ignores her because she will always come up with a quote or something that she learned that is relevant or non-relevant to the subject.
History: She was walking to school when she got attacked in the woods (short cut) walking with her brother and friend Russel (who is a strayer) when she was told she needed to pack everything and that her mother would under stand.
Weapon: an arrow necklace that transforms into a bow with arrows.
Other: She changes color when she is in certain moods. its never really done anything but once when she was really mad the air around her started to heat up and she can make surfaces really hot.
Happy= yellow and bright like the sun
Normal= glows a orangish color but isn't noticeable do to her being a little bit tan.

Name:Lucas Hawthorne
Godly Parent:Apollo
Family:my mom and twin sister


Personality:He's like any guy you would meet charming and funny and a dork. But he has his soft side hidding down inside him and hes waiting for the right girl to show it too. He loves sports and is also good with people and animals. He is a very friendly boy and is friends with about everyone.
History: Same as his sisters
Weapon:an arrow bracelet that forms into a bow and arrows.

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Astig0921 I <3 Daniel!

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 14 comments Ari̶αη wrote: "Jessicaaaaaa!(: wrote: "I.CALL.DIBS.ON.OLIVER!!!! XD"

LOL. xD"

What?Hes Hot XD

☯ ƒ ι η η у  ☯ | 14 comments Name:Christofer Wales
Godly Parent:Poseidon
His mother~Grace Ann
His Brother~James
Appearance: description
Personality:Christofer is a very laid back type of guy,someone who doesnt get angered easily and he always has that sort of lazy smile on his face.Christofer's the guy best friend every girl would love to have,since hes always caring and he doesnt mind listening.He can play around just the right amount without pushing it too far and he can always make you laugh.
History:Christofer lived a happy life.He got along with everyone and he had a very caring and loving family.Christofer never knew what he was until monsters from here and there began attacking him,and he left in search of a place where he wouldnt be a harm to his family,finding the camp.
Weapon:Under the mist his weapon is just a simple chain he always wears but when he takes it off and he places the two sides together they become a gold sword.

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 6 comments Name: Troy Iasion Astrapíkomistís
Age: 17
Godly Parent: Zeus
Family: mother- Calypso Lybia Astrapikomistis

Personality: Charming and kind everyone seems to get along with him. He is rather quite, though. He also seems to have his own bit of seduction in his aura never meaning to allow every smile to be seducing. He is quite clever...and also a bit tempermental...his mood can shift as oddly and quickly as thew weather.
History: Born in Bristol, UK. Zeus, his father never has actually paid much attention to him...He was always there for his mother in the beginning but things seemed to change as his visits became fewer and fewer until he was out of Troy's life almost completely by the time he was 13. Troy saw how it destroyed his mother to the point she almost killed herself and her son...but out of dumb luck and a fat chance Troy survived the Lightening strike. Calypso had stood at the top of a very tall building that just happened to be a point of lightening strikes rather commonly. Her child held close to her. Troy survived. Calypso did as well, physically anyway...but she has been in intensive care for almost 3 years.
Weapon (Mist and Full Blown): Double blades that allow him to direct his lightening powers and kill and fight as much as he desires. by the power of the mist they are simply non existent. He wears two matching braclets that once he places his hands behind him to reach for his words, they magically appear within his hands.
Other: He also has a necklace that can summon a gryphon stead. Named Skia

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 6 comments Name: Salem Ajax Sullivan
Age: 16
Gender: male
Godly Parent: Hades
Mother: Malinda (Mindy) Sullivan/Eifa
Step-Father: Marcus Eifa (turned out to actually be Erubus- God of Darkness)
Step-Brother: Adrien Cole Eifa
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Quite, Possessive- literaly as it is one of his greatest abilities, Dark in thoughts, and a bit demented, He is often seen talking to himself or someone who seems to be unseen completely
History: He and his step brother quickly discovered who they are shortly after their parents married. Once that had happened their whole world turned upside down. Both boys quickly were urged out the door and sent on their way with the protection of Darkness (Erebos) They both made it to CHB rather quickly traveling by night only and through shadows.
Weapon (Mist and Full Blown): turns into a small serpent that hides under his shirt.

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Name: Violette White

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Posiden

Family: She lives with her mom in Nova Scotia. It's just her and her mom. Her mom is a scientist, she studies the ocean and is a deep sea diver, studying anything that has to do with the ocean and she goes everywhere her moms work takes her. Her mother is French and they lived in France for quite a while, and she can speak it fluently.


Personality: She is kind and sweet. She is social. Doesn't like to be alone a lot, it makes her feel empty. Alothough she is very kindand sweet dont make her mad because her explosion could be just as bad as volcano. She doesn't like when she is threatened or the people she loves is threatened, she's a very protective person. She loves to laugh and smile. She is confused, about who she is, who her father is and why she is so different. She hopes to get these answers at camp.

History: She has been moving around for quite a while but when her mother moved to Nova Scotia just a year ago, someone found her, knowing she was daughter of Posiden and led her to camp to give her training and knowledge. She was freaked out at first, by everything and frankly still is. She had no idea she had such great powers. She also came more in contact with her father and he explained to her more why she was there and all.

Weapon: She has a bracket of a seashell that if you press it it will turn into a shield and a ring that matches her bracket that turns Into a huge sword, ( it looks like this

Other: she has an incredible voice, even though she is daughter of Posiden her voice is enchanting

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 6 comments Name: Adrien Cole Eifa
Age: 17
Gender: male
Godly Parent: Marcus Eifa (turned out to actually be Erubus- God of Darkness)
Step-Mother: Malinda (Mindy) Sullivan/Eifa
Step-Brother: (son of Hades) Salem Ajax Sullivan
Personality: Dark, Cruel, and flows with his own majestic step almost like he doesn't touch the ground. His whole aura is unrevealed as if he has no soul or emotions. He seems to be like a cold, dark pit of blackness.
History: He and his step brother quickly discovered who they are shortly after their parents married. Once that had happened their whole world turned upside down. Both boys quickly were urged out the door and sent on their way with the protection of Darkness (Erebos) They both made it to CHB rather quickly traveling by night only and through shadows.
Weapon (Mist and Full Blown): A sword formed by simple shadows so with the mist it is nothing but a shadow. when striking or battling another demigod or actual being it solidifies into stygian iron. plus a basic sword with no extrodinary abilities except it is implanted with Stygian Iron as well [image error]

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*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 3 comments Name: Eve Yuri
Age: 15
Gender: F
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Family: older brother
Personality: Tba
History: was lead here by a satyr after being hunted by a hell hound
Weapon (Mist and Full Blown): mist-
full blown-(after she takes them out and kisses them)

Name: Adam Bara
Age: 16
Gender: M
Godly Parent: Aphrodite
Family: father
Personality: Tba
History: followed a woman's voice after being attacked by a snake woman.
Weapon (Mist and Full Blown): mist-
full blown-

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