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Be Creative: James Potter (Harry's dad)

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Weiting I've been doing the Lily Potter's Life Story thing but I've been noticing this.
We know more about her than James Potter, Harry's dad.
Or at least I do.
So to get information in a fun way, we'll do sort of like the same thing.
I start and you write as much as you want!
We are in the part where Lily's eating a grass every flavor jelly bean.
I start!

I was just walking to find Sirius, ugh. He could dissapear like an owl. When I saw this super pretty girl in the middle of the road. Yeah, she was a LOT more prettier than Alice. One of the girls I know.
I think she was looking a bit green so I went to see what was wrong. But I saw she was eating one of those every flavor jelly beans! I laughed.

Weiting (Fine, people, I'll continue)
She turned.
I said: "You must've ate those every flavor jelly beans!" "The woman said it was jelly beans, not every flavor ones" she spat the jelly bean it was green.
"Eww!" she exclaimed.
I got closer, "Looks like grass."
"How'd ya know?" she asked. "All wizards and witches know." Then I pondered. Was she a Muggle Born?
I asked her that. She was obviously confused so I told her everything I knew of our Wizarding world, Hogwarts, Quidditch and just everyhthing! I got to examine her for awhile. She had red hair that fell right into her shoulders, and her eyes, were the shape of almonds and they shone like green emeralds.
She was WAY too pretty for a Muggle-Born. When I ended, she smiled. "That's awesome! My name's Lily Evans! What's yours?"
"James Potter" I was able to get out while a voice I recognized said: "Hey James they got some of those weird looking salamander tongue wands at Olivanders!"

Weiting Why now? I thought.

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moe (I'm gonna join!)

I saw Sirius running towards me. I stifled a sigh.
"Umm... that's my friend, Sirius. He's my best friend. So dou you... wanna go see the salamander stuff?"
Lily seemed to be thinking it over. I saw her start to nod.
"Oh... okay. I guess it couldn't hurt. I need a wand anyways."
Cheering deep inside, I introduced Lily to Sirius. I could see Sirius smirking. Did he realize something?

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moe (Oh, and can I add you as a friend? I've read the Lily Potter thing, and it was super!)

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Fanzura Sirius annoyingly elbowed me in the ribs.
"Ask her if she has a sister, mate!. Then we can go on double dates in The Three Broomsticks," he whispered.

[ that is so unlike Sirius. but oh well..]

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