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message 1: by Jae (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jae | 14 comments It's the first official Hairpin/Goodreads book club meeting (discussion board)!

Ellen B. (quadrophenia) | 7 comments I just finished it this morning. Mine is one of the completed-by-Mainwaring versions, and I found it sort of interesting that in the editor's note at the end, she said she removed some some race-related language that would be unpalatable to modern readers. My guess would be that it's about the tapestry and the "Is she BLACK" telegraph Miss Testvalley got when Richard married Conchita.

It both fit with my perception of Wharton novels as sad stories about sad, upper class people (mostly based on The Age of Innocence) and had a pleasantly surprising happy ending.

message 3: by Jae (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jae | 14 comments I saw that too, about the removal of the racist language, but I was still little startled in a few places. I guess it's harder to remove the contempt even if the words themselves are gone.

I found it super strange that the Duke's first name is never mentioned. I know he's referred to as Ushant sometimes, but that was a courtesy title and not actually his Christian name. I wonder if it was as statement about him, being so bland that he didn't even really exist outside of his title.

Ellen B. (quadrophenia) | 7 comments But also he was still being referred to by his childhood title, which also could indicate that his family didn't really see him as... being assertive enough to really take his place as the Duke.

Also, I forgot to mention this - did anyone else find the time jumps really jarring?

message 5: by ecm (new) - rated it 4 stars

ecm | 1 comments Done!

My first time reading Wharton (I got the Mainwaring version). Overall I loved it and laughed out loud multiple times, though I admit last quarter (unsurprisingly) wasn't quite up to par with the first three.

Thought Nan and Laura Testvalley were great characters and foils -- Nan's awakening and dramatic pursuit of love contrasted with Val's sacrifice and stifling of her own romantic endeavors.

Fave quote:

"...the greatest mistake is to think that we ever know why we do things...I suppose the nearest we can ever come to it is by getting what old people call 'experience'. But by the time we've got that we're no longer the persons who did the things we no longer understand. The trouble is, I suppose, that we change every moment; and the things we did stay." --Nan

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