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((Have fun roleplaying))

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ak (anne-kat) ((which school are we at?))

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ak (anne-kat) Holly stroked Lily with her first two fingers, gently restraining the rat. Lily peeked out of the sleeve of Holly's robes, sniffing the air. Holly sighed and pulled out the rat, settling her in the space between the neck of her robe and her pearly grey turtleneck.

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Purpleperson | 4 comments ((I don't know))

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((I don't know either.))

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ak (anne-kat) ((How about Beauxbatons?))

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Isabella walked into Beauxbatons and took in the view

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ak (anne-kat) Holly wondered when the champions would be chosen. Lily skittered down her robes and ran into the pocket of her jeans, which were against the rules, but Holly wore them anyway.

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Isabella went to the Goblet of Fire and put her name in.

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ak (anne-kat) Holly hadn't wanted to submit her name, but her grades made it mandatory, so she walked up behind the girl in Hogwarts robes and stuck in the paper with her name.

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Isabella's friends congratulated her.

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ak (anne-kat) Holly walked over into the corner of the bleachers, climbing them quickly. She pulled out her wand and began twirling it, shooting silver and blue sparks, daring a teacher to tell her it was against the rules.

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ak (anne-kat) Jamie Shea twirled his long black wand as he waited in line with some of his Hogwarts friends to submit his name. When it was finally his turn, he ended up realizing he had forgotten his paper. Jamie fished around in his pocket and burned "Jamie Shea-Hogwarts" into a scrap of parchment with his wand, which was way too long for writing.

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Isabella glared at Jamie. Isabella had always hated Jamie.

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ak (anne-kat) Jamie saw Isabella's glare, and started to smile. It faded as she continued to glare, and he concentrated on writing neatly. He stuck the paper into the goblet and walked off in the opposite direction of the look-o-daggers.

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((Can we skip ahead to the ceremony))

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ak (anne-kat) ((yeah. who's for durmstrange?))

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((I'll make someone))

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ak (anne-kat) ((ok))

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Matt put his name into the cup and winked at Isabella.

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ak (anne-kat) Jamie saw the Durmstrange dude wink at Isabella as he glanced back and glared. No Durmstrange was allowed to flirt with a Hogwarts girl this early in the game. Jamie tried to keep from feeling the need to strangle him.

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Later that day

"Time to announce the champions for this year" The headmaster announced.

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ak (anne-kat) Madam Maxime started talking about honor and glory and a bunch of other stuff. Holly wasn't really listening. She rapped her wand against the bleachers as she waited for the champions to be announced.

Jamie tried to listen to the big lady talking on the stage, but really it was waaaaaaaaaaay more interesting to watch someone charming a couple origami figures to come to life.

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((Who do you want the champion from Hogwarts to be))

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ak (anne-kat) ((I don't care... you wanna be champion?))

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ak (anne-kat) ((k))

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"The champion for Hogwarts is... Isabella Chang."

Isabella jumped up and walked to the front of the Grand Hall.

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Blair | 3 comments ((i haven't ever made an entry, so i am asking, i just jump in?))

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Blair | 3 comments ((someone give me some help and/or guidelines on creating a person))

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ak (anne-kat) ((oh, hi Blair, yeah, so, uh, fill out the blanks... nothing much has happened on this one...))

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Blair | 3 comments ((what blanks....?))

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ak (anne-kat) ((characters thread, 1st post, on the OC thread if not TWT))

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