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message 1: by Märt (new)

Märt | 6 comments I'm new at this, and trying to get the hang of everything.

There are at least two authors named "Lynn White" (and with books listed under the name Lynn White): Lynn Townsend White Jr., author of books including Medieval Technology and Social Change; and Lynn T. White III, author of books including Political Booms: Local Money and Power in Taiwan, East China, Thailand, and the Philippines.

The elder Lynn White has at least these existing author profiles:Lynn White, Jr., Lynn White Jr.

The younger has at least this profile: Lynn T. White, III.

What's the best way to separate these two authors, and what should be the "canonical" name for each? Their names both get listed quite inconsistently. In particular, Lynn White Jr.'s middle name gets wildly inconsistent treatment—sometimes it's omitted altogether (as on the cover of Medieval Technology and Social Change, which alerted me to this whole mess when I went to combine it with the other edition I linked above), sometimes it's an initial, sometimes it's spelled out in full.

What's the preferred way of resolving these kinds of inconsistency?

message 2: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41982 comments Mod
None should have a comma prefacing their suffix. As to format of middle name/initial, look at what's on bookcovers. If that varies, check the Library of Congress.

message 3: by Märt (last edited Sep 10, 2012 04:07PM) (new)

Märt | 6 comments Thanks for the response.

Based on the Library of Congress database, it looks like "Lynn White Jr." is Lynn Townsend White, "Lynn White III" is Lynn T. White, and there's yet a third author just referred to as Lynn White.

I'll go and sort out the books by their respective authors, in light of the LoC records.

Edit: Ok, I think I got them all.

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