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The training center is now open! Improve and show off your skills here! Try to get allies, although you may not be able to. Some people must go alone, unfortunately. Remember, no cursing or fighting, please

Training Stations:
- Climbing Wall
- First Aid
- Camouflage
- Tying Knots/Nets/Traps
- Basic Survival Skills (Shelter/Making Fires/Food Rationing)
- Edible/Medicinal/Poisonous Plants
- Weights
- Running Track
- Animals (Fending off/Poisonous/Behavior)
- Navigating
- Hand-to-Hand Combat (Wrestling and fighting bare handed)
- Long Range Combat (Bow and arrows, axes, knives, daggers, spears, javelins)
- Close Range Combat (Axes, knives, daggers, swords, maces, clubs)

Talk in third person. When commenting, if you are not roleplaying, but simply want to say something, or ask a question, please put your comment like this - ((Your comment.))

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Twilight waltzed into the training center, delighted to see it empty. Her violet eyes sparkled. Twilight threw knives at the targets, watching as each one hit perfectly.

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Twilight turned, startled. "Hello."

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Twilight smiled. "Yes, yes I am. Why?"

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"You'll have to prove your worth," Twilight said, going back to throwing knives. "But yes, I suppose."

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Margie   (claussmargie) Auburn was keeping quiet she threw knife okeyishly, she sized up her competision and they where good, and she also did a bunch of small things that might help her. but she knew she needed a alie

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Margie   (claussmargie) auburn kept on going she was looking for the perfect allie

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Break*Through*Angel wrote: "Wynona admired the craftmanship of the knives and axes before moving on. She didnt want ot reveal to much of what she could do. She would brush up on stuff she didnt know much about. She saw a g..."

((If no one else starts making them, then I'll allow it. I just don't want everyone to make two and have only twelve people participate. But I agree.))

Twilight smiled, impressed. She picked up a bow and arrow and fired rapidly. The dummy was outlined by thirty arrows. Twilight turned back to Vivvian.

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Ryder stomps in late alone, in an awful mood. He beelines for a station where there is no people, but others near and starts scampering up the climbing wall.

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Twilight turned, seeing a boy climb up the climbing wall. "Hello."

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Ryder stops, feet hanging as he sits close to the top. He slowly descends, letting the ropes lower him. Soon he's standing in front of a girl. He grins condescendingly. "Hey there."

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Twilight smiled. "And you are...?" She was an inch or two taller than him, and looked down on him like he was a beggar and she was a princess. Twilight usually looked at most people this way.

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"Ryder, District 2. You?" He met her gaze solidly, his eyes defiant and confidant, despite the fact he was significantly smaller than her for a guy.

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"Twilight. District One." Twilight looked him up and down as she said this, her violet eyes analyzing him.

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Ryder's eyes moved over her, acknowledging she was an adversary. He was somewhere between befriending her and bolting and trying to provoke her.

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He wouldn't do for a career, Twilight decided. Unless he had some mad skill that nobody would suspect. She twirled the knife she still had kept in her hand.

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Seeing the distaste on her face. Provoke her it was. Ryder grinned at her. "Nice knife." He commented, leaning closer to take a look. In one fluid, practiced motion, he swiped it from he loose fingers and weighed it in his.

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Twilight smirked. So this is how you want to play? She thought. Well, have a taste of you own medicine. Twilight snatched the knife out of his hand and pinned him to the wall, pressing the knife to his neck. "Don't you dare play with me." She released him and shoved him away, turning and setting the knife back in its place before walking off.

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Ryder laughed, knowing she couldn't hurt him. Not yet anyways. He picked up the knife and tossed it, hitting targets solidly every time.


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Twilight picked up a spear, looked at it for a moment, and then threw it at the dummy exactly behind her. It hit center and burst through, spraying stuffing everywhere.

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Ryder dodged the stuffing from Twilight's hit and walked over to the 'survival station.' He wasn't above learning something new.

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Ryder turned to Vivvian and kicked her playfully, his belly on the ground and his fingers playing with fire. "I know. She's pissed at me too. That next spear might be through me."

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"I'll try, but she is one cocky bitch." Ryder laughs and his little fire flares up. "I think she would be easy to kill if she trusted somebody. I'll be civil to her, but you should try to be her friend."

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"Right."\ Ryder got up, wiping soot and ash off his face, but smearing it on his sleeve. He slouched over to a different station where a girl (Dell) sat.

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"Hello there." Was all Ryder could come up with, practicing a bandage on his shoulder where he was bound to get hit.

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"What district are you from?" Ryder asked curiously.

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((SORRY RYDER> The other HG RP Im in s Jinx...))

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((Yep. I'm a confusing person...))

"Cool." He commented, meeting her eyes. He was trying very hard to be nice, but Ryder wasn't overly sucessful. "I'm from 2. What's your name?"

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"Ryder." He smiled at her, happy he had gotten her to talk.

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"I guess." Ryder shrugged. He hadn't hated it, but he had always wanted to leave it. "It's just boring. Fight. Fight. Fight. Ya know?"

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"Work?" Ryder asked, "On what?" It sounded even more torturous to him.

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"Yikes." Ryder frowned, it sounded awful.

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"If you say so..." Ryder says doubtfully. It sounded as if she had it worse off than he.

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"Since..." Ryder thinks. He couldn't remember a time when he wasn't holding knives between his fingers for one reason or another. "As long as I can rember."

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Ryder shrugs, "It is. But i guess it will be worth it. After all I did have the good luck to be here." He said it with a tone of heavy sarcasm.

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Twilight, sick of all the other people, went over to the plants station and began to work there.

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"True that." Ryder conceded. This little girl stood next to no chance. He felt the slightest bit bad for her, but he shrugge it off, knowing he was going to kill many other helpless kids.

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"Vivvian, hopefully Twilight." Ryder shrugs, not totally sure.

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Nevaeh stepped into the Training Center, her eyes wide. She quickly scanned the area, then went to the climbing wall.

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"Except that Twilight hates me." Ryder says with a grin.

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Margie   (claussmargie) auburn getting bored of all the boring stations ran over to the track and ran around and around for a pretty long time keeping up her pace

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Nevaeh scaled the wall quickly and rested at the top. She looked down at the other tributes, who looked very small from her great height.

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Margie   (claussmargie) auburn ran around more and more not getting tired and getting faster

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Grace Bosley Lianna walked in to the training room

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Ryder grins, "Thanks."

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Ryder follows her gaze, "You need help?"

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Ryder's eyebrows raised. "Awww come on. You can't just say that."

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Margie   (claussmargie) auburn finally got bored and decided to climb she was Okish she started to climb as fast as she could when she got to the top she looked down it was a huge place then auburn relized there was another girl up here she kept her distance waiting to see who this person was ((hadley want navaeh to be an alie with auburn????))

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Ryder eyes wandered, taking in the other tributes.

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"And who would that be?" Ryder wondered.

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