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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 27 comments Mod

Nation Name:

Nation Age:

HUman Name:

Human Age:








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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 27 comments Mod
Republica De Argentina
Nation Age: 236 years old
Human Name: Jazmin Alamos Gomez
Human Age: 21 years old

Appearance: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m3t...
Personality: She is hot-headed and Hates the English. She is smart and kind like Spain. She is usually calm, except when she remebers the English Invasion
-Dogo Argentino


Strengths: Her anger and independence. Also her friendliness
Weaknesses: Her anger and independence
CRush(es): NONE

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GonnaWingIt | 8 comments

Republic of Singapore; the Fine Country

Nation Name: Singapore

Nation Age: If you count how old Indonesia was from colonization, I'd say a good 410. On the other hand, if you count when Malaysia split from Indonesia, I'd say about 49. BUT if you say when Singapore split from Malaysia entirley, I'd say about 47 years old.

Human Name: Azura "Zu-Zu" Mikawa

Human Age: 13, or perhaps twelve. It's hard to tell, but she claims she's twelve, while other's assume she has to be thirteen due to her brains.


Personality: Singapore is fiercly independant. She hates it when others do things for her and she will rebell against you if you so much as baby her. Yes, she's young, but she's more mature than you think, with a side dish of extreme intellect. Her smarts rival China's and Japan's, so trying to pick a mental fight with her is your own deathwish. Anyways, Singapore is a slight clean freak. She'll scold you if she catches you littering. I guess it's safe to call her a little Miss Perfect, but she won't care, cause she knows you're jealous.

If you didn't notice, she's actually pretty competitive, and not to mention very decsisive. She won't change her mind unless she knows she'll do something wrong which nearly never happens. Remember: She isn't trying to impress anyone, she's just trying to make herself look strong. When you're a City-State, you'll then understand. She has a problem with people either looking down on her or trying to help her. If you aven't noticed, Singapore is a hot head, so it's really easy to make her pissed off. I guess you could say she can cry as easily as others, becuse she's not sensitive or tough on that spot.

Video Games are Singapore's passion. She can beat and has beaten and cleared on critical mode every game she gets her hands on with a perfect score, ech and every time. She's trying to get Japan to create trickier games, though, because she wants a real game to play. Math is her absolute favorite subject, no doubt about it. She's a whiz with it, even in Geomrtry. She studies quite hard dring the night, and even over the summer she'll be doing math. Some people wonder how a thirteen year old, twice-was-independant-city-state can fit all of that knowledge into their head. Next up is tidyness. If you ever visit Singapore, you will see none of the following: Trash, Litter, Loiterers, or factories. Singapore tries to make her home as likeable as possible, and ever since she's gained her independance, she's become a clean freak. XD She will scold you if she catches or hears you littering and trust me she will give you a fine if you litter at her place. Did I mention Singapore LOVES a challenge? She really loves hard puzzles and such, because it gets her brain gears spinning. She hasn't had to much of a challenge of the recent, though.
Onto Singapore's dislikes! The thing Singapore hates the most are children's games, shows, or ways and especially if someone forces three year old techniques on her. She's more mature than a baby! Singapore gets pretty angry if you treat her like a kid, much less and ten year old. The next thing she hates would be easy peasy lemon squeezy things, like kiddy puzzles or the Sphinx's riddles. Remember: She loves and needs a challenge. She won't be herself if she gets sucked into only doing easy stuff. She is anything but lazy, my friend. Ah, you remember how I mentioned Singapore is a cleanfreak? I suppose you've guessed she hates anything dirty, even if there's three specks of dirt covering the house. She's a hard pressed worker, so you cn imagine seeing her clean her house and dojo and having a sanitary team clean the whole tow about once or twice a week.

Hopefully you've noticed Singapore is extremely intelligent in every subject in present day scools, all except for P.E. She's mastered each type of math, including Geomrtry, Trigonomratry, Algebra Advanced, etc. She's even beaten China and Japan at these things. Singapore also loves grammar, so use it. She automatically labels you lazy if you use improper grammar in front of her. But on the other hand Singapore really hates the English language, but I'll get to that later. Singapore also is a science geek, with a love for chemistry, biology and physics. It's her second favorite thing in the world, and she can recite the periodic table without having to think twice or pause. Next up, and I'm not surfe whether to call this a strebngth or not, is her, "I'm-As-Stubborn-As-A-Bull" feature. I did tell you she rarely changed her mind, right? It's pretty self explanitory. I didn't add this to her personality cause I'm so lazy, but Singapore also has wits. She inherited them from her brother figure, so don't mock her in any way unless you want to be crying in the next five seconds.

Singapore's most dangerous, flammable thing towards herself would be her independant personality, which makes her refuse help from nearly anyone. She's like a tiger, fiercly independant and the type of person who would kick you out if you stepped out of line. But then again, most of Singapore's personality sprung from her independant ways. Next would be her extreme lack of sympathy. Unlike her big sister she lacks heck of a lot of pity, a.k.a., if she sees you loose in a game she won't give you any encouragment. It isn't really like her to say sorry, because she sees it as lying, because since when has she been truly sorry? She finds it disgusting hwhen other tell her to say sorry. It makes her feel like a kid, which is the feeling she dreads the most. To make her even more independant, her worst hatred is towards her "old" family. She treats them horribly and usually ends up ignoring them entirely. She doesn't tbink they betrayed her, she just feels like they're to friendly towards her and treat her to kiddishly. She doesn't miss them at all, because A) She lives next door to them. B) For other reasons I'm to lazy to type up.
Never try and get her to talk about her three time independance. Yes, Singapore had to break away from Britain as well.

Crush(es): Nada! Singapore doesn't have time to think about boys. They'll only mess her focus up. Plus, she's only a twelve/thirteen yearold, give her some time to grow up.

Other: There are a lot of snakes in Singapore, so it wouldn't be like Sin-Sin-san to be afraid of them. In fact, she has a sunbeam snake stickin around with her all of the time. She's nicknamed him Boa, un-surprisingly.

Remember how at the top of this post it says, The Fine Country? Well, she wasn't named the fine country for something like rich soil or for being one the richest place in the world, but because you could be fined for something like leavin gum under tables, feeding pets at the zoos, not flushing a public toilet, and especially if you litter.

Awesomeone4ever | 6 comments Nation Name: Kosovo

Nation Age: From her independence... 4

Human Name: Dielzza Jashari

Human Age: 18 - 20 years oldhttp://media.photobucket.com/image/an...


Personality: Kosovo is a normally nice girl who is kind to those who know her. However, you get her mad, then all hell will brake loose. Basically, try not to get her mad.
The other side of her can get scared easily and is prone to accidentally falling in love. When that does happen, she will be sort of shy and nervous around them at times, but will normally try her best to be nice to them. Especially to France. She has always been thankful of him for all that he did for her.

Likes: Ice cream, movies, the color red, sports like archery and basketball, watching TV, people, taking, candy~

Dislikes: Anyone making fun of her, people that get her angry, the color pink (Her least favorite color ever), stalkers~

- Can be a 'straight to the point' person when she wants to be

- When mad, she is pretty strong

- Isn't a really known country

- Falls in love easily

- Is a relatively new country

- Can get shy/nervous around someone she likes

- Is a little lazy at times

Crush(es): France and America

Other: ...

Blood Bone and Muscle | 25 comments Mod
Nation Name: Vatican City State (Stato della Città del Vaticano)

Nation Age: 754 from under the rule of Italy... yes Italy. But Vatican City was established in 1929 by the Lateran Treaty. Mentions of them, although, have reached all the way back to 37-41 A.D. It seems they've always been there...

Human Name: Nicknamed 'Silas' by everyone they meet (after the hard core, self torturing catholic monk from the book the Davinci Code) but their real name is Cianna Tacitus. His holiness does just as well when you summon them though.

Human Age: 18-ish but could be in their twenties although with such a pale, round complexion she/he can pass for a choir boy.

Appearance: He/she has light golden eyes, is short but has a larger then life voice over people so seems taller and has thin wispy brown hair, curled like the Italians but there's something more about them. Something that differences them from Romano or Italy. Though younger they seem to have more patients and a stiffer, darker look in their eyes. Their movements are like stale bread, not pleasantly clean but you get the sense that they where once the most decadent and made of only the best ingredients found through the entire world or empire. They will take you in like a gracious host but you know not to trust them like a Butler. Is it just me or does everyones eyes turn down when I enter the room? http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&... (Home to the Catholic church, the Pope and some of the most priceless religious artifacts in World History. It is also a country built in the smack middle of Rome).

Personality: They horde the darkest most useful secrets in the whole world, as well as more money then a country that size could ever need for the next 2000 years. They hold a strong grip over half of the european countries but they do not abuse their power, though they very well can anytime. They don't have an army but most countries around would never stand for another's disloyalty, never mind someone else's violence (even if you are not Roman Catholic you somehow feel snubbed but privileged around them). He/She don't need to talk because others talk for them. Their like a king within a country. Only coming through when things go really out of hand and in the old days, to silence those who had to much power. Archaic.

Likes/Dislikes: You do the math.

Strengths: Vatican is unmoveble and without a doubt a influential world power. Vatican can hold their ground and already has mapped out what is morally right and morally wrong. Everything in the Lord's name, written in stone, engraved in their stone blood and marble flesh.

Weaknesses: Stoically cold, Vatican has very little time to listen to others and wants for their own type to flourish in this ever changing world. Swinging around new ideas is not a personal pass time or sport.

Crush(es): ? Um... *brain short wires* ... That doesn't work. As long as Vatican bans priests from being woman and men from baring children there will be none of this 'love' nonsense.

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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (willyoupleasegiveup) | 27 comments Mod
All accepted.

Hibari Hanana *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* (pichu799) FWAA~ Indo's sister is born~~~

Nation Name: Indonesia
Nation Age: 63
Human Name: Skailay “Skee” Mikawa
Human Age: around 17
(usually wearing this)
Personality: shy at first, a bit naive, musical genius, optimistic, smart, cute, a bit nerdy, sneaky, sometimes invisible, gullible, sometimes very confused, sweet
Likes/Dislikes: loves eating any food; loves cute things; loves to write and sing; loves to play musical instruments; loves to listen to music and read; dislikes other people being picked on; will protect people she is close to; likes to make new friends; sometimes seems to disappear; seems to have an obsessive need for chopsticks, rice, and seaweed; has special liking for cats and baby ducks; loves to cook; likes to babysit or housesit or pet sit; dislikes drinking; likes planting; dislikes being ignored all the time; dislikes being with a lot of people at certain times; likes astronomy; dislikes being hungry; likes sharing snacks; loves eating soup, mushrooms, spiciness, and bamboo
Family: Singapore, China, Japan, England, mainly other Pacific Islanders
Strengths: music, beating up people who hurt her friends
Weaknesses: sacrificing too much for friends or family, blaming herself excessively
Crush(es): N/A...yet? seems just a bit too oblivious for crushes
Other: owns an actual qilin named Chichi, Netherland used to oppress her in her earlier years for around 300 years, and Japan ruled her for three during WWII. She can sometimes have mood swings, but otherwise is a very likeable person. She likes studying animals, especially birds. She practices magic with England, since England had originally armed her and helped her defeat Netherland, and Norway on special occasions. She refers to her older and closer friends as Ko [Indo for older bro] and Ji [Indo for older sis]. She likes to eat really spicy things and usually accidentally cooks some for her friends. She likes to study and sometimes dreams of becoming a world renowned scientist. Her other pets besides the duck are a red panda and a komodo dragon that usually stays at home. She tends once in a while to get hyper, but is usually quiet. Out of habit, Indonesia may baby Singapore, but she is usually trying not to get in Singapore's way of things.

Hibari Hanana *(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ* (pichu799) Nation Name: Borneo
Nation Age: ...IDK...
Gender: Female
Human Name: Peridot Mikawa
Human Age: 11 (and very childish to say the least)
Personality: Bubbly, yet slightly shy, Peridot is a very tsundere kind of girl. She seems to adore tricks and pranks, due to playing with Prussia whenever he's around. Since she's so young, Singapore is like her role model in most things. Since she's technically an island, she's really not a nation, but under the care of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei (don't know if there is that OC or whatnot, but yeahs).
History: Borneo has always been staying under the care of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. She never wanted the countries to seperate in the first place, but when Singapore convinced Malaysia to leave, she became upset. Later on, though, she saw it was for the better and decided to become as great as Singapore. <--(ending just made up cuz borneo's an island that malaysia, indonesia, and brunei have claims on)
a younger version

she has Malaysia's hair (kinda) and Indonesia's eyes
Likes: swimming, reading, playing the ocarina, the beach, poetry, writing
Dislikes: whenever Singapore tries to ignore her, when other nations put her down easily
baby binturong
Crushes: according to her 'Singapore' standards, none...but she seems to be fond of Sealand

Blood Bone and Muscle | 25 comments Mod
Dobrý večer. Welcome Slovakia.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 25 comments Mod
I'm sorry, that was about as far as my Slovakian went but aký je čas, kde ste?.

Blood Bone and Muscle | 25 comments Mod
No, it fine. What other languages can you speak? (Just out of interest?).

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) Nation Name:

Nation Age:

Human Name:
(She goes by Cecí though.)

Human Age:
13, but unlike some Hetalia characters - such as Sealand or other young countries - she acts like an adult despite her human age.

Her appearance is startlingly similar to Spain's official female design. Her hair is brown and long like his and she has similar green eyes (although they are a bit darker). Unlike him, she has a few freckles.

She takes after Spain a lot because she has always lived close by him and is very similar to many was, but in her personality she is very different.

Once she established herself as an individual country and not a part of Spain, she became a lot more isolated. She does not interact well with other countries since she is used to people overlooking her (since they always thought her to just be a part of Spain).

She is on good speaking terms with Spain, and she has known Romano for most of his life. She also seems to be fairly good friends with Belgium. She doesn't talk to Netherlands very often though.

*good food

*being compared to Spain

*adapts to her environment
*hard working

*a little shy
*easily irritated


Catalonia used to be fond of speaking in Catalan, which made it so that only Spain could understand her (and even then there were a few words that he could not translate), but by now she's gotten out of this habit.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) Nation Name:
(Although truthfully he's actually a City-State.)

Nation Age:

Human Name:

Human Age:
(This is the age that most Spartan children are first expected to train for war.)

He has short black hair and dark eyes. He's fairly short for his age.

Myles can be very polite to his elders, but is known for insulting people in order to purposely pick a fight with them. He's a lot stronger than he looks.

*being complimented for his strength

*being treated like a kid
*old people (because Spartans die young)

*physically strong
*never gives up

*highly competitive
*always biting off more than he can chew
*gets offended easily


When he's upset or embarrassed, he's more likely to start a fight with someone. He starts insulting everything about them that he can think of.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) ... Do my characters need to be confirmed, or can I just start roleplaying?

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