Misery Misery question

What would you do if you were paralyzed, and stuck in somebody's house?

Read a book.

Set the house on fire and hope that the fire department gets there before Annie kills me.

it depends who my captor was.

Suck up to them like crazy. The more sympathetic you are to your kidnapper, the more likely they are to form a bond with you and therefore release you.

Work really hard on mental telepathy...

I would try to delay the process of my writing, deranged as my captor was she couldn't have power over me as long as I was writing the book this would allow me to buy some time to hatch some diabolical plan to get rid of her preety much eveything Paul Sheldon did.

There's a difference in being paralyzed and having some broken legs. I can assume I am able to use my legs a bit as leverage to scoot my way about the house, but paralyzed would be no help, so I'd have to build more upper body strength.

Then I would smash my ancient typewriter into Annie's head and get the heck outta Dodge.

I would talk that much she would probably be glad to get rid of me!

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Does it have to be with a deranged woman or can I pick the playboy mansion? And what exactly is my level of paralysis?

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Survival instincts would kick in, would definitely try and fight or die trying

If you mean with Annie Wilkes then I would die. Not because of her torture but because of a panic and heart attack mixed together. I would do the job for her. lol .

If they got close enough, I'd bite out the jugular.

Assuming deranged woman, chew on my tongue and choke to death on the blood. Okay, maybe not. I'd do what I could to survive and try to think of a way to escape.


I'd probably suck up to my captor and keep telling them how lucky I am that they rescued me, blah blah blah. I'd basically try to stay alive with my captor thinking I like them and don't want to leave. I'd act as if I was helpless and needed them so much. When I gain the strength, I'd get them out for supplies or something, and (if I can) get out of the room and smash a window, screaming for help.

Obviously depends on who's house it is. I'd assume it's my parents house. So pretty much: telling them to put all the stuff I need besides the bed in case I want it. xD (Which is not much stuff: Books, something to draw with, my laptop. Haha!)

If it was Annie: Well, I'm not a bestselling author so I'll just hope she calls an ambulance for me so I can be gone from her place. xD

This would be where the mistress comes in.

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Jeffery Lee Radatz Graham, I like your way of thinking! I can't go anywhere so why not have a mistress! ...more
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I didn't think Annie was that bad really...Paul should have just behaved...after all she did rescue him, gave him good drugs...and all she wanted in return was a manuscript he could be proud of...ok...so she was a little off balance...but she worked hard to save him. lol

As paralyzed I can't do much... But most likely I would be hysterical...
Can I scream?

I'll just comply to what my captor wants, then when I got her trust, I'll think of a way to escape.

I would rip a hole in Annies chest with my bare hands and eat her insides

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