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For discussion on Ch 20-25.

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theduckthief | 269 comments Mod
After first finishing the book I thought, well nothing much happens. But upon a second look and thanks to author John Green's vlog on the book, I was able to see the deeper meaning in the book.

There are actually two Holden's in this book. The one whom the story is about and the one who is telling the story.

As well, Caufield's red hunter's hat is extremely important in understanding his character and his motivation.

I felt sympathetic towards his character but at the same time, he's not someone I'd want to befriend.

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Sadie Holden seems to have a very tender side to him that makes me like him..but then he turns around and hates everyone at some point or another. I guess that would be a close definition of most teenagers (myself included at the time) but I never came around to the narrative, his voice was just as annoying to me at the end of the book as it was in the beginning. But please expound on the red hunting hat and what it means. I finished this book thinking, "I know I've totally missed the point" because to me there was no point!

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