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message 1: by Susanna (new)

Susanna Mahoney (suemahoney) | 1 comments These two young characters, Jade and Kris sacrificed their lives and freedom to save the treasure and run to journey to a free Isle where they can live in peace, except along the way they are met with dangerous situations and close calls of being caught by the corrupted officers working for the rich celebrity. They are chase by the Compers, and sniffing dogs to end up as prisoners, rebels or both, you will have to read this delightful fantasy with some truth in it about how valuable someone or thing is to us until we lose it.

It is a short novella, has true meaning and a delight for all pet owners and readers who like to see the underdog win the victory. The characters, Jade and kris are a winning couple and easy to sympathize with as they get into scrap after scrap saving themselves and the treasure.

Hello Jon, I wanted to thank you for invite to join group, and I went back to the review I wrote for this book to refresh my memory, and read it again, realized this was a delightful story about the last cat alive and how two brave characters did everything in their power to rescued it. I reviewed your profile and saw you have written many books in different genres, may I ask where do you get your inspiration from for all your stories?

message 2: by Jon (new)

Jon Blake (jonjblake) | 3 comments Mod
Hi Susanna
First off I'm sure it's a disadvantage writing in many genres as the most successful children's writers tend to be known for one type of book - however that's just not me. I have a light and a serious side and I just have to go with whichever is in the ascendancy. As for where the inspiration comes from - sometimes I just wake up with an idea, or a whole section of dialogue which really does seem to write itself. But I do also deliberately get into the right frame of mind to create, often by travelling: much of The Last Free Cat was conceived on the road (or rail). Music plays an important role: I choose a suitable soundtrack for the scene I want to write then imagine it through while listening to it. But I'd also say that TLFC was inspired by experiences I've had as an activist and the need to convey these through fiction. Then there is the need to recreate those (like my cat) I have lost. You've asked a big question, and to fully answer it I'd also have to list books I've read, films I've seen, etc etc etc. When it comes down to it, however, I was just a creative child, like my own 5-y-o is at the moment, constantly making things up.
Finally, feedback from people like yourself is always a great motivator. And as I have never become as successful as editors and reviewers expected, I still have the hunger to prove myself, even after 56 books!

Rusty's Ghost Engine (also known as.......... Jinky Spring) (goodreadscomedwardsghostengine) | 3 comments Oh! It's been a year since the last post! Are you thinking of writing another book in similar to TLFC? If so then I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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Jon Blake (jonjblake) | 3 comments Mod
I have written a few books since TLFC, but all for juniors, and not all published! With a two-year-old and six year-old I'm struggling to get much done at the moment, but it is my plan to write another YA novel. I've come up with quite a few ideas, but I have to really feel something for a story before I commit. A sequel to TLFC may appeal to publishers but I can't see what I would add to the original, and I do not write merely to make money! In the meantime I do have a substantial back catalogue, including a YA e-book, Snails and Lovers, written back in the 80s. Before TLFC I would have said that was my most important book.

Rusty's Ghost Engine (also known as.......... Jinky Spring) (goodreadscomedwardsghostengine) | 3 comments Well I'll always be a huge fan of TLFC cause Jade and I have loads in common. I must ask, where did you come up with the names Viafara, Feela and Chen? (I hope I spelled that right, it's been such a long time) I know James Viafara is the baddie in the story but I couldn't giving one of my imaginary characters Viafara and Chen as last names.

And I can't help but ask, how did TLFC feel finished to you?? I know things worked out for Feela but Jade was sent to prison! (again if I remember right I was 13 when I read this) I'm just curious to know how the story felt complete.

message 6: by Jon (new)

Jon Blake (jonjblake) | 3 comments Mod
I don't tend to think much about names - they usually just occur to me. However, I chose Chen on the assumption that Chineses multinationals will be major players in the near future - and Viafara was the name of a journeyman midfielder who played for my home team of Southampton FC a while back.
Good qeustion about the ending, and how I knew it was finished. I had intended the conclusion to go further, but as I conceived Kris's message to Jade, I suddenly thought no, that's it, that's where it should end - it brought their relationship to the forefront and hopefully was a bit of a surprise to the reader and left the story on an emotional high. It made me feel emotional anyway!

Rusty's Ghost Engine (also known as.......... Jinky Spring) (goodreadscomedwardsghostengine) | 3 comments Just being curious. Are cats your favorite animals? Have you ever seen a cat with cat flu? I really liked that idea in the story, what made you write about a cat?

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