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The pregnancy.
Jessica Jessica Sep 08, 2012 09:51AM
Does anyone else not like that Ana got pregnant in the book? I personally would have enjoyed it more had both of their kids just been in the epilogue. I don't know I just think the story would have been so much better without that.

Her pregnancy, I think, was necessary to close the story of Christian and Ana. With the birth of their child, Christian would finally feel unconditional love. He would finally feel worthy of giving and receiving that kind of love. He would no longer be fifty shades of fucked up. He would be fifty shades of healed.

The book didn't need the pregnancy. It would have been great without it. Since this started as a Twilight fanfic though, that's why it appears.
I thought Christian's reaction was very realistic. That man was not ready for a baby. Ana was completely irresponsible, although I still felt bad for her. Overall I liked it, especially seeing them with their boy at the end.

Jessica wrote: "Does anyone else not like that Ana got pregnant in the book? I personally would have enjoyed it more had both of their kids just been in the epilogue. I don't know I just think the story would ha..."

I totally agree, she should have left the kids for the epilogue... it just did not sit well with me.

I really think it fit with the story. Even though Christian loved Ana he still had some issues. I think the pregnancy is what put everything in perspective for him. I personally think it was a sweet way to end off the story...

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I think the whole concept of Christian becomes unbelievable with the pregnancy acceptance. It just doesn't seem to fit with his character at all. The ending is just too cheesy for me.

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It's a twist that happens in Twilight, and since FSOG was originally twilight fanfiction for adult with bdsm danger instead of vampire danger, the pregnancy twist was always going to be added, becasue of that, it didn’t seem strange at all for me.

I know that people still don’t believe it’s twilight fan ficiton but there’s a blurb at the end saying

“The author published an earlier serialised version of this story online with different characters as Master of the Universe under the pseudonym Snowqueen’s Icedragon”

The different characters were Edward and Bella.

And she admits it on her official site - (Click on Was Fifty Shades of Grey originally self-published as a eBook?)

i thought i was going to cry, because how christin act toward to her when she told him she was pregnant. and then when he went to see that old lady,i was like "that it, anna you better leave him if i were you."

I didn't like the pregnancy, but it was for the story. I got over it.

I like the fact that they went on to have children ... and continued to ENJOY themselves, people generally assume the birth of children puts a stop to anything interesting!!!

Oh good, I'm glad people feel the same. I was so angry when she got pregnant!!!! Lol

i think that it fit in well with the story. i feel like we needed another reason for christian to push her away again in order to make their relationship work. it couldn't be tied up into a nice package just yet - if that had happened it would have been too easy.

i do think though that the ending how it kind of fast forwarded a bit and seemed all sunshine and daisies was a bit too 'neat' if you know what i mean. i feel like things make a complete 180 too quickly and i'm not sure that it would have really happened like that. you know that christian was trying to change in order to be with ana and to be a good father, but i don't think that things could have become that different for him so quickly.

I wasn't happy about it when it first came up, but I did find the ending sweet and making sense. To me Ana was more dense than normal in the third book. She kept making the stupidest mistakes, decisions, and thought processes. I would have liked for them to have waited, as he said, they knew each other like 5 minutes and didn't get much alone time.

I will say this to thoes who feel that they have to pick every part of this book apart. It's time to find something else to read. Ana having to babies by the end of the whole story, showed that Christian and Ana came full circle in their realationship, and it allowed them to build a life for them and their childern.

I loved that she got pregnant. Their little blip. It was a great ending to the series. I mean come on the last book Is fifty shades freed. He needed to know that he was capable of loving a child.

I HATED that she got pregnant!!! After giving it some thought I realized from a writing/plot perspective that it was probably a necessary aspect because his over reaction and walking out on Ana cause him to get some closure with Elena and it gave the story an interesting twist since Christian was always begging Ana not to leave him.

I do agree with you though that I would have also liked their children to be in the epilogue when Ana was a little older than freakin 22!

As Amanda already said, Ana's pregnancy was essential to close the novel (with a happy end), though I wished she didn't get pregnant at first place. Because of her pregnancy, the whole story went into a cheesy direction, which I don't dislike, but in my opinion the end doesn't fit to the entire story very well. I wished the end was more unique. This version is so cliché that it makes the story appear cliché as well: Innocent girl meets bad boy, changes him & they live happily ever after.
On the other hand, I'm soooooo happy Ana & Christian's story ended with a happy end. No one died and they are still together. While reading, I really feared (I'm totally honest about this! xD) that EL James might have "killed" Ana which would have been so horrible for Christian. Phew~ thank goodness, that didn't happen.
Btw, am I the only one who stopped reading after every chapter with a good end, fearing the next chapter might end with a sad scene? hihi~

I felt like the pregnancy was more of a plot twist to show more growth in Christian. He is the ultimate control freak, and what is the one this he can never control? A kid. Plus I felt that for him to get closure on his whole situation he had to come to the realization that what him and Mrs. Robinson did was wrong, and he only came to that realization once he found out he was going to be a father. I hated how irresponsible Anna was throughout the 3rd book. Her behavior with the topless scene on the honeymoon made me rather annoyed with her. The baby thing added to that, but ultimately I can also understand that couples have issues with birth control, and that that could happen to anyone. I thought that it was just a natural progression. Unexpected things happen in life, and watching Christian be able to adapt to them after everything else he had been through made me like him more as a character.

Gabby (last edited Jun 10, 2014 11:17AM ) Jun 10, 2014 11:17AM   0 votes
I hated these books and one of the reasons is the way the author portrays Ana as such a stupid character. Will you really forget about the pill? knowing your husband (and yourself) doesn´t want to have children soon?
Specially with that kind of husband!
At least make him use condoms...oh I remember he didn´t like it, but Ana liked to defy him, to hear him menacing her into spanking...eugh

I would of loved to know what Lincoln would of said. As Christian decided to fire him for getting Hyde out on bail. Also i would of loved seeing both children in the epilogue. It would of also been nice to hear her mother & step dads reactions to her having kids.

At first I was against it but considering how much Christian changed, I understood.

I loved that Ana got pregnant in the book...and that it was so unexpected because it was something that Christian voiced his opinion about several times. I loved that they also had more kids and that Christian turned out to be a great father with Ana's just showed how deep their love really went!

I'm really shocked that nearly everyone is blaming Ana here. You do realize that birth control, whether it's the shot or the pill, is not 100% effective, right? I do agree that Ana should have been more on top of her appointments -- how can you just FORGET about it? -- but this is just as much Christian's fault as Ana's. He should have kept using condoms, or, at the very least, not cum inside her every single time!

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i hate that she got pregnant. taking a bad page from the twlight series that also didnt need a pregnancy. as much as i loved freed espec the first half after aspen it lost its way majorly for me. no need to bring back leila or introduce suzy. her dads accident wasn't needed either or even mia's kidnapped it felt like 5 different books stuffed into the story.christian being so angry, walking out, going to of course elena and then comming back drunk. this did not fit the man we all love, he adores ana and asking her if she got knocked up on purpose hurt me as much as it did her, 2 think he could be so cruel and then bascially leave her for those few days before mia's kidnap, that just isn't him. he would fight for her, be desperate to get her back, beg her with flowers and not let her out of his sight. i just didn't get that whole section.

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Jessica wrote: "Does anyone else not like that Ana got pregnant in the book? I personally would have enjoyed it more had both of their kids just been in the epilogue. I don't know I just think the story would ha..."

No, I definitely liked it the way it was.

I don't know what to think of it. I actually thought it gave the book an actual story line XD To me, there was no story. It felt non existent in the first one, a story line started to appear in the second one, and then it was rushed in the third. Just my view ^-^ haha

Jessica wrote: "Does anyone else not like that Ana got pregnant in the book? I personally would have enjoyed it more had both of their kids just been in the epilogue. I don't know I just think the story would ha..."

i like ana being pregnant but i wished that the author had made a more interesting drama on her pregnancy and have shown in full details how christian accepted the pregnancy and how he deal with ana being pregnant since that he has a dark and lonely childhood

I know I'm late to this discussion. I just recently decided to read the books.

I am surprised and annoyed at how many people blame Ana and think she was irresponsible. I LOVE this story! So much, I've created a detailed timeline.

She was on Depo-Provera. It's good for 12/13 weeks, she would have been covered until Sept 10th. If you do the math, she got pregnant on their honeymoon. THE SHOT FAILED!! That is NOT her fault! Let's not forget, it takes two to tango. If Christian was that worried about being a father too soon, he could've kept using condoms.

Back to the original question. I was not upset. I felt it was needed for Christian to be completely "FREED" of his past and inner demons. And for him to finally accept and understand Ana's unconditional love.

Did they get over their argument a bit fast? Yes. But Ana's could've DIED in Jack's attack. It was a wake-up call. Just like Ana leaving him in the first book made him realize he wanted more, having Ana in the hospital and her complete faith in him made him accept the pregnancy.

I don't think her calling the baby lil blip was wrong. She just chose that because that's how it looked on the ultrasound. I thought it was sweet.

I agree with the majority in that it was what freed him, so to speak. He finally got to see what giving and receiving unconditional love was like, and I think that was important for his emotional healing process.

Though I must admit, I thought it was hella weird to read that they were having not-so-vanilla fun while she was pregnant. I guess my imagination got ahead of me, and what I was picturing them doing was NOT safe for a pregnant woman to do! Someone please clarify!

Amanda I thought in a way it was cute because even though she was pregnant they still kept the spark going haha but I don't know about it being safe or not. ...more
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Amanda (last edited Jul 14, 2014 12:46AM ) Jul 14, 2014 12:44AM   0 votes
Jessica wrote: "Does anyone else not like that Ana got pregnant in the book? I personally would have enjoyed it more had both of their kids just been in the epilogue. I don't know I just think the story would ha..."

I thought the pregnancy was predictable, although Christian's reaction was not. At first I thought the author stressed contraceptives to promote safe sex but I think it foreshadowed the pregnancy to come. I agree that it could have been the epilogue but I thought it suited the story because it shows how Fifty didn't let the past keep him from becoming the father he thought he'd end up being and instead reassuring the readers he was indeed a better father and person we all knew him to be even though he didn't know it at first himself. I think we all needed to know after his reaction to the Blip news and his constant doubt if he was a good father or not. As for the pregnancy I think it beneficial for Christian because it was an additional member of the family to give him unconditional love which will most likely help him move forward with his life and give him more reasons to smile, as we read in the end with him and Theodore playing in the meadow.

Christian acted like a Damn Jerk... He and Ana were going at it Like two Rabbit's, So what did Christian expect? That's why Ana treated him in the way she did... Go Ana!

~*~Princess Nhya~*~ (last edited Nov 02, 2012 04:36PM ) Nov 02, 2012 04:30PM   -3 votes
I thought Christian's outburst about the pregnancy was spot on. And I was cheering when he went off on her.

They both agreed that they were not ready for kids. Not to mention Christian and his jacked up emotional state, he really was not ready to be a father. He was still trying to figure out how to be the right man to Ana.

Christian stressed this to her many times through word & action that he was not ready to be a father. He was NEVER careless in this area at all with her, he even made sure he wore condoms every time until they were both sure that her BC was working effectively. HE even got her on it. Had the doc come to his house and everything!

It was Her responsibility to make sure she was taking it. With as much sex they were having how could you forget to stay on top of that? I don't care what was going on. They had time to screw, often, then she definitely had time to make sure that an unwanted pregnancy wouldnt happen. & then she has the nerve to try and act mad at her receptionist for rescheduling the appt that ANA kept telling her to reschedule? She should have had that in her personal calender anyway, that's Ana's fault. PUH-LEASE!

So for her to be ticked or even hurt at his reaction, was just a TSTL moment for Ana. Funny, while reading this I knew that somehow it was going to happen but I was still ticked when it did. And I think what ticked me off was that the author put it in there in the 1st place, but also cos of the way that she put it in the story after all the countless times we are shown Christian isnt ready for kids & Ana was in total agreement with him.
It shows a huge level of immaturity and carelessness on Ana's part.

~*~Princess Nhya~*~ I know. Just made an already ridiculous situation even worse
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