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Why Tolkien inspired me - who inspires you?
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I have always loved reading books. Lord of the Rings was a book I got lost in over the long summer holidays during my school years.

I respect all authors (even if I may not like their stories) as it takes time and dedication to write a book. Of all the authors I have read J.R.R Tolkien stands out as a giant. He invented a whole mythology -even languages, the man invented a genre. 100 years later we are still enjoying his work. We are watching his imagination brought to life in the movies. That is some legacy.

Last month I had my first novel (Exit Darkness, Enter Light) published after 3 years of hard work. Today I did a scan of my Amazon page ( and someone had reviewed my book. The subject line read: Riveting - while the review said:

"A very visual and captivating read. I couldn't put this book down. Past lives, grotesque beings, love and intrigue. The world is not what it seems.
Cyrus discovers the truth of his dark past, and realizes our future is hanging in the balance. Armed with past knowledge and latent powers, but most of all, his love for Nadia and his family, he is ready to settle old scores. Only he can help conquer the evil darkness that overshadows the world.
Will his new transformation be enough to succeed? For all our sakes, let's hope so.
A must read if you dare......."

I was beaming with pride the whole day after seeing this. I am happy people are enjoying my writing. I am glad I read books and now I am even happier I am giving something back to the next generation with my writing.

Who inspires you and why?


Oh, Tolkien is certainly inspiring, and for a writer I'm sure for the depth of his creation. Personally I admired the humanity behind his writing, same as with Arthur C. Clarke, I found that part quite inspiring and worth aspiring to.

Cesar Chavez, Barak Obama, Father Gregory Boyle, and many other authors.

Jesus Christ
J.R.R. Tolkien
CS Lewis
Selena Gomez
Demi Lovato

While I suspect, Kion, that this is a question designed to get a puff for your book, I have to agree that Tolkien's fiction is inspiring, though I have also enjoyed some of his non-fiction.

Tolkien's main inspiration may well not be mainly for the many aspiring writers like you, Kion, but as a standard to measure all epic fantasy. A standard, in fact, that meant that virtually all new epic fantasy of the 60s and 70s had quotes on their covers and dust jackets proclaiming them comparable to The Lord of the Rings. I always took these with a pinch of salt.

Tolkein and his friend, C.S. Lewis, inspire me. They were brilliant. I'm super excited about The Hobbit coming out in December. After a work move that was harder than I expected 2 years ago, I totally identify with Bilbo Baggins and "the unexpected journey."

Tolkien is also one of my inspirations, because of the depth of the world-building, 'mythopeia,' as he called it. While many have imitated him, few have been able to so thoroughly create a world... I hope to do so one day, as well.

Congrats on the great review, sounds like an awesome book!

Kion Ahadi I am sure you will Sam - thanks for the words of encouragement.
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Congrats on publishing your first novel! Tolkien is definitely one of the greats and I reread Lord of the Rings almost every year. One of my biggest inspirations as a writer though is Robert E. Howard. I love the vivid pulp storytelling. My own work has a definite pulp feel to it.

As someone in the long labourious fight to publish my novel first of all congrats, I know how hard it is! And now to answer the question. Being only fifteen I'm not often taken seriously when I say the Lord of The Rings changed my life, but it most certainly has. I read everything I can by Tolkien and recently enjoyed reading his biography, he had such an inspiring life. I have something I call my 'Author Pilgramage' as set of places related to my favourite authors and Tolkiens name appears a great deal. But I am also inspired by a whole other range of authors, too many to list but pulling some random ones the Bronte sisters, Austen, J.K. Rowling, Bram Stoke, Kristin Cashore and Suzanne Collins

Sherri Moorer The Bible is my #1 inspiration, but Tolkein is #2! His work is compelling and touches people where they're at. It stands the test of time. I strive to ...more
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