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This is Rivendell, home to the elves. Travelers may come here to seek shelter, but many are refused. The elves live here in peace, and wish to keep it that way.


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Alanna stepped out onto the balcony, her white dress flowing behing her in the morning wind. She smiled, watching the sunrise.

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Alanna nodded in response and then said, "You are not an elf. What brings you here?"

((In elvish, obviously.))

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"Moria? Those are dangerous lands. Why are you exploring them?" Alanna asked, turning.

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Alanna laughed, despite herself. "Old home of the dwarves? Seems uninteresting."

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Alanna tilted her head. "I suppose. Although I would have to see it for myself."

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Ava stepped into a small courtyard, wearing a simple yet lovely blue dress. She sat on a small stone bench and stared at a tree across from her.

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"Hello," Ava replied, neither smiling nor frowning.

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Alanna turned away, watching as the sun beams rose above the horizon. Her skin nearly glowed in the light.

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Sharyl (dontblametheweaponblametheperson) | 14 comments Melde walked into the library and started looking at the map she had seen yesterday. it was very incomplete and she would love to see it finished. If it was up to her she would go complete it but Elrond would never let her. She sighed.

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Sharyl (dontblametheweaponblametheperson) | 14 comments ((is anyone RPing on this location anymore?))

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((*shrug* Yes.))

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