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Off Topic Today: For Fun: 25 Random Things

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message 1: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Boyer (barbara_boyer) | 34 comments Mod
K, On one of the other social sites someone sent me one of these. I thought, oh shit, really? Then i started to read the ones everyone else sent me (and quite frankly I am so new to all these sites, I didn't even know folks were posting them until after this friend shared with me how to set up that certain tab... then suddenly I had a shit ton of them in my notes section.) I learned so much about folks. It was great.

So anyway, OFF TOPIC of COURAGE OF FEAR, here are my 25 random things.

For all you O lovers (you will understand when you read) please NO COMMENTS about my feelings on that; really I live in California I have heard them all and really could care less... you won't change my mind only time will do that. With that said, enjoy; if you want to share your 25 things, trust me I will read them. I quite enjoyed all the info and how well I got to know others from their list.

25 Random Things About Me.

1. Since Dougie tagged me, thank you very much, I will start with my all time favorite song is Theme from Manhole by Grace Slick. . . who i happened to have met a few times in Malibu... i think it is a shame she believes rockers should stop singing at a certain age (especially since she only sobered up enough to stand up on stage at that age.) When Doug found out this was my favorite song, one whole side of an album, he found it for me when visiting his home town. I will never forget that. It was truly the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me...

2. I have had sex several times with Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, unfortunately for us all... I was sleeping. But hey, all the same.

3. The US president scares the hell out of me.

4. People's response to the new president scares me more.

5. I believe if God wanted to drive he would return as Christ and buy a pinto (all you O lover's, keep in mind that man drives a quad steel escalade--not Him).

6. Believes there is something very wrong with men who take the little blue pill or think their penis' should really grow more after a certain age. Please?

7. The hardest job I ever had (have) was (is) motherhood, yet the most rewarding.

8. My first love looked like Robert Plant, in his younger hotter days.

9. I do not want to be in a relationship till I get my shit together... hope Heaven allows them.

10. I love writing because I can be anyone or anything and say anything; More importantly I can be someone different then who i was a minute ago and take back anything I say after it leaves my lips.

11. I have secretly been in love with the same man for many years.

12. The 125th Alvarez guitar that sits on its stand is my most prized possession... when people visit they ask me who plays the guitar and i tell them "oh, Eric Clapton."

13. Believes good music is like good love making.

14. But on September 11th, I wanted vengeance as much as anyone (I'm sorry to say). I even started to think I needed to buy a gun...a big fast one.

15. Would like to see my novel sell enough copies to catch the eye of a bigger publisher so then it will sell for six or seven figures so i can move to Italy and work on Divided We Fall.

16. Miss the movements in the 60's and 70's... when things really seem to mean everything and we fought for it.

17. Believe a triple grande, vanilla breve, no foam with whip latte at 150 degrees is better than any drink or drug, when allowed to drink properly.

18.Believe (and long for) the day drug companies are banned from advertising.

19. Once when my car broke down I had to walk about a mile to the nearest gas station in a hole in the wall town. When entering the garage, in blue jeans and a tee and all sweaty from my hike; the mechanic's wrench dropped from his hand, his chin fell to his chest. I thought I was entering the twilight zone, til I looked over his head and there was a poster of me in a swimsuit. Free repair that day! Ah, youth. (btw, that was the same pic, among many others, that sat on my piano for years; when my daughters friends would ask who it was my daughter would reply, "it came with the frame.")

20. I, like many Americans I am sure, remember exactly where I was when lennon was shot. And yes, I got drunk that night too.

21. Life is a highway.

22. All we need is love; unfortunately sometimes we just have to kick some ass to get to Let It Be.

23. I wish I may, I wish I might.

24. Wish this wish, I wish tonight... or something like that.

25. If I do get to meet my Maker and He asks me what I did with this gift, I hope to report, "I rode the wind!" Where then He will reply, "That wasn't the point."

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (eidolon) | 1 comments 25 Random Things About Me.

1. My favorite song since I first heard it many years ago is “In your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. After so many years, it is still my #1 favorite which means a lot since I seem to have a new “#2 favorite” song that I want to listen to over and over again at any particular time. It is the ultimate of favorite songs for me. It just really makes me feel like I am singing the song about myself.

2. I have never had a dream about flying or being naked in front of a bunch of people but I have died a few times.

3. I have predicted all the presidents since Reagan was elected the first time.

4. I find it annoying that people focus on our president’s race so often.

5. I believe that everything happens for a reason: both good and bad. It is what we do with what happens to us, what we learn, and how we handle it that make us better people.

6. I believe that men who like to exaggerate their penis size are dumb. I mean really. Not many women will really be with a man who has a 12 inch penis?

7. I knew the hardest job I would ever have would be motherhood, but I didn’t realize it would be harder to not have the job by leaving my daughter when I deployed.

8. My first crush was on a boy with red hair and freckles named Jason Wood.

9. I did not want to be in a relationship with someone who smoked. But sometimes you don’t choose your life mate.

10. I love reading because I can feel things that I don’t normally get to experience on a daily basis. I like losing myself into a story and taking a break from the reality of life even if only for a few moments.

11. I have secretly been wishing I could make money with my writings. Unfortunately, I haven’t written anything so that money is not going to ever get a chance of coming my way.

12. I have tons of scrap booking supplies but have absolutely no completed scrap books, actually not even a page has been completed.

13. I actually listen to all types of music. I mean ALL types of music. Sometimes people ask me what some of the lyrics are in a song I am listening to and I have to reply, “I don’t know, I don’t speak (insert language here).”

14. Everyone I have asked remembers where and what they were doing on September 11th. I remember watching the screen when the first plane hit and I said out loud, “Everything happens in threes. There will be two more plane crashes.”

15. I would like to see my daughter love books as much as her Mother does. She is two now and her favorite thing to do is pretend to read so maybe it just might be.

16. I know that I could not have been born in any other time but when I did. Because had I been born in the past, I would of hated my life.

17. I swear, to everyone who drinks those fancy expensive coffees, that I can make the exact same thing at home.

18. Long for the day when the United States isn’t the prude nation it is today but catches up with the rest of Europe in our views toward the human body.

9. I once had my car brake down in a small city somewhere in North Carolina in a restaurant parking lot. My daughter who was 18 months old at the time was the greatest child while I tried to figure out what was wrong with the car, what I was going to do about getting us the last 150 miles home, and whether or not she would get a sun burn in the sun. I wish that all those people who helped me and tried to help me that day were blessed with many blessings and that somewhere in their future some stranger will help them or try to as they did for me.

20. If you ask me what my favorite color is I will say Red. And I own a lot of things that are red. But I think secretly my favorite is purple because I own just as much stuff that is purple.

21. I really wanted to name my daughter after me but thought two Jennifers in one house would be annoying. Instead I decided on naming her after me but not exactly like me. Her name is Jennika.

22. I almost named my daughter Eidolon.

23. My name was almost something like Lourdes Costanzia Virginia instead of Jennifer Renee Lynne.

24. I have an affinity for men whose name begins with a J, have A/B positive or the combination there of in blood type, and are born between August through October.

25. If I got to ask my Maker one question it would be, "Can I experience, first hand, what a male ejaculation feels like?”

message 3: by Doris (new)

Doris Pearson my 25 random things:

1. I wish aging didn't include slowing down physically. (I'm 70.)

2. I love so much music and so many types. Favorites are old-time jazz, dixieland, polka bands, cajun, the list goes on.

3. At age 16 I worked in a cafe not far from train depot in Fargo North Dakota. Served coffee to Elvis. Didn't realize who he was till he left. But oh God was that man ever beautiful!

4. I agree on pharmacy companies should be banned from advertizing.

5. Yup, sick of ads on Viagra and that kind of drug. They make it sound like no man can perform without help from a pill.

6. I have been blessed with many friends in my old age, something I never had the first 50 years of my life.

7. My first husband may he rest in hell is long dead. My second husband is a blessing to me on a daily basis and he's scizoid-effective. So, don't automatically count out a person who has a mental illness if its controlled by medication.

8. Motherhood was not easy. After my 3 daughters hit puberty, it was miserable. Now that they have hit their middle age and have teen-agers, they have come to understand what they put me through. Is that a relief? No, because it means my grandchildren are being bad... lol.

9. The president? I just hope he does a better job then the last doofus.

10. I hope I get my house de-cluttered before I die. I would hate to leave the sorting to my daughters.

11. I love reading. Always have. When life is too hard I can lose myself in a book. Esp. when I was a child. And having been an abused child, I really needed to lose myself.

12. No child should ever, ever, ever, have to go through what I did as a child.

13. What's really bad is the memories never fade.

14. Favorite color? I used to say red, but now I have no favorite choice. They are all good.

15. Believing in God was all that got me through some things.

16. Upon closer inspection of the Bible, I think God does use vehicles, we call them UFO's.

17. Christ was the only perfect man.

18. I love the internet. It allows contacts with family I seldom see in person. It has been wonderful for research, connections. and yes writing.

19. I always wanted to write. Usually survival got in the way. Now I can write about survival.

20. Tired of winter. That's what I get for living in NE Minnesota. Frozen water pipes!

21. Ah, spring. when the first green peeps out of the snowdrifts.

22. My memory of a person being shot. President Kennedy. I sat in front of the tv, nursing a teething baby and crying.

23. I love my cats. all 6 of them.

24. I really do need to finish that knitting project.

25. And I really do want to live to be a 100 years old.

message 4: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Boyer (barbara_boyer) | 34 comments Mod
Hello Jennifer: Thanks so much for the share. I love that song too (1). You share the same name as my daughter. It is a beautiful name. Thank you for helping to protect our Country. Email me your address and I will send you a signed copy of Courage for your next trip out!
Thanks again for letting me get to know you better.

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Barbara Boyer (barbara_boyer) | 34 comments Mod
Hello Doris: My goodness there are so many things I thought when reading your list. First I thought, where does this lady live cuz we should get together for coffee! Rolling on the floor when I read "may he rest in hell." too funny. Even though I was very young when Kennedy died I too remember. My body sitting Indian style in front of the black and white, my mother sobbing uncontrollably on the couch behind me... everything and everyone seemed so sad for days everywhere. it was airy.
I must say for years I have told my friends we should be born old and grow younger so that as we get wiser we can keep up with ourselves... then comes ben button!
Thanks again for the share.

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