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message 1: by Chrissy (new)

Chrissy Burton Immediately after 9/11, 59% of Americans had a general positive view of Islam. 11 years later, it's almost the complete opposite - over half the population state that Muslims make them uncomfortable.

Why do we see so many people riled over a decade after 9/11 about Muslims being a part of our communities?

message 2: by Fairyal (new)

Fairyal | 1 comments when people state that they are "uncomfortable" it usually means that they have formed this opinion based on negative information and stereotyping. Most of the same people have not personally met Muslim people or have Muslim friends. Secondly, in the last ten years the primary political dialogue has been framed in terms of fear. Fear against a certain populations which then in turn drives the agenda.

message 3: by JuliiJ (new)

JuliiJ | 3 comments Unfortunately, the propaganda runs deep. It would easily be dispelled if the ignorant and fearful were exposed to the truth somehow.

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