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Travis Simmons | 4 comments Hello. My name is Travis and I am pretty new to this publishing thing. I am a huge fan of fantasy and kinda like science fiction. I have read Ender's Game, which I enjoyed, and Darkover: Landfall, which was pretty awesome. I am pretty limited on what I have read for Sci-Fi, but fantasy I have a larger library.

This is a thread where I will talk about my books and WIP's. I don't want to spam people, so there will be a lot of general chat here too. I want people to get to know me as much as my work. I know if someone is flapping their book in my face and shouting headlines, I am not going to bite, and I seek not to be that kind of author. Anyway, have fun on the thread!

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Travis Simmons | 4 comments And this is my first book!

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Travis Simmons | 4 comments I just looked over my works in process and I have the sequel of The Bonds of Blood to edit, my zombie novel, the sci-fi novel and a sort novella about madness in a fantasy world! Go me! This should be a busy winter.

Hows everyone this fine day?

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Travis Simmons | 4 comments Wow, so I hibernated in my work for a while and I am not able to breath for the first time in such a long time. What have I done lately? Well I am trying to figure out the promotion side of everything and that is going slow. Honestly I don't want to start working on a new project because I just wrapped up two, but I am a writer and characters are in my head, all vying for my attention.

I have finished my zombie novel and submitted it to a few agents and a publisher, if this round doesn't accept it I am torn on what to do (self pub or keep banging my head on the industry's door).

I finished a young adult novel I had been working on, and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Now I have two published books and one I am submitting.

Hope everyone has been wonderful, I will be checking in later in the day to socialize, right now I am off to update all my other author threads!

If you want to check out my stuff, you can find pages on my blog: or you can visit my authors page on amazon to purchase my e-books for $2.99:

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